When a fresh day starts, a fresh page in your life story opens up, giving you another 24 hours to make success and enjoy a fuller life.

Three Morning Rituals To A Great Day

Whether you are a homemaker or a busy professional, here are three-morning rituals to a great day, religiously followed by successful entrepreneurs and billionaires which took them closer to their goals and helped them reap success and happiness in life.

Three Morning Rituals To A Great Day

Use the Power of Early Start:

Waking up early in the morning at a precise time is one of the undesired tasks in the modern lifestyle. It is easily achievable with a little determination but lets you start the day with a great success note. After all, waking up early in the morning itself is a success as it is an unaccomplished task in the wish list of many.

If you check the morning rituals of successful entrepreneurs, getting up early in the morning before sunrise is a success mantra. Tim Ferriss, Oprah, and Apple’s Tim Cook all start their day early in the morning without missing even a single day. That has not only gained them more hours to achieve their goal but also let them spend more time with their family and to enjoy their favorite hobby.

If you read the life story of any successful person, undoubtedly he/she will insist on the mental and physical health benefits of getting up early morning. Every day in their life starts with jumping out of bed without snoozing the alarm. Forgetting the snooze button in your alarm is the first success ritual in the morning to set the journey towards success!

Visualize 3 Things to be Gratitude About and 3 Purposes for the Day:

Tony Robbins, the master of self-discipline, follows “Expressing Gratitude” as one of his unique morning rituals in his 8 steps “Priming” technique to energetically kick start the day towards the goals. He says thinking about three things you are thankful about in the morning, even the simplest thing like a child’s smile, is a great way to give a positive note for the rest of the day. While Robbins insists on just thinking about a thing to be grateful, putting down in a journal is widely accepted by many other successful people.

Also, visualizing three things to achieve for the day is another important step in Robbins’ “Priming” psychology. Noting down the purposes of the day and tasks to be completed in order of priority is an effective way to channelize the physical and mental energy towards accomplishing tasks. With a list of things to be done before you get back into the bed at night, you will stay more focussed and reach your daily goals easily and without much pressure. With each task completed, you will feel excited and more motivated to do the next task.

A simple Routine to Train your Body and Mind:

Last but not the least, a simple step in the morning to keep the mind and body healthy is inevitable. Mind and body are two sides of a coin that constitute the success and hence needs special attention at the start of the day. Exercise and a healthy diet are effective morning ritual ideas that ensure the proper functioning of the mind and body. Successful people from Barack Obama to Oprah have exercise, meditation, yoga, or any other form of fitness routine along with a healthy diet as their healthy morning rituals. Only a healthy body can enjoy every aspect of success, and a healthy mind can withstand failures.

Working out in the morning need not be too strenuous to help shed those extra fats but can be simple enough that gives that energy boost and flexibility to stay active throughout the day. Walking, stretching, and simple yoga poses are proven methods of successful people to stay fit and healthy. At the same time, meditation or listening to music has been a way of boosting their mental energy. Choosing early morning for fitness regime will prove beneficial as the ambiance will be more pure and silent to give a pleasant feel and maximum health benefits.

Apart from exercise, nutrition experts suggest a healthy breakfast filled with carbs, fiber and proteins is a must for the body and mind to perform better throughout the day. A healthy breakfast will help you stay away from unwanted carving throughout the day and help you maintain weight. Studies have proved that consuming healthy breakfast keeps your blood sugar under control, helps better focusing, and is heart-friendly.

No doubt, A good started day will roll off smoothly, with a store of physical and mental powers to easily tackle hurdles and achieve success. So,

  • Make a promise not to snooze your alarm anymore to ensure more quality time.
  • Kick start your day with 3 gratitudes & goals to stay more focussed.
  • Workout along with consuming healthy breakfast for more energy.

Follow these three-morning rituals for success and get ready to enjoy the taste of success each and every day!

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