Hello, dear readers. Have you heard about the BLXBuds? These days there is a lot of buzz around it. Everyone is talking about it. There are really some amazing and positive BLXBuds reviews. From youtube videos to Instagram reviews, everyone is talking about its function and compatibility.


Reading and hearing so much about the reviews has really got me thinking since I have been reading a lot about the BLXBuds earphones in the past few days. Honestly, I was really impressed with the products and thought about sharing my experience with you all as well.

BLXBuds Reviews- Detailed Report On BLX Wireless Earbuds!


So, without wasting more time, let us read about the BLXBuds together

BLXBuds Reviews

Product Name BLXBuds
Category Earphone
Price $49.99 
Colour Black
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • WS Dual Stereo wireless buds
  • Water-proof / water-resistant: IPX4
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.1 version that doesn’t drain your battery
  • Incredible audio range from 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Up to 60 hours of use or 4.5 hours of playback and talk time
  • 1 Hour fast charge
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology
  • Quick in Charging
Combo Packs Available
Money-back guarantee 30 Days
Official Website Click Here

What Is BLXBuds?

BLXBuds are wireless earbuds with TWS dual stereo and have the latest Bluetooth 5.1 inbuilt technology. The earphone is easy to use and is highly compatible with various smartphones, including PC and tablets.

The BLXBuds produce sound within the range of 20Hz to 20KHz, thus making it the best for the human acoustic system. The product is lightweight and easy to carry. The BLXBuds reviews were positive. The product has been created in a way that causes no harm to the human ears.

Furthermore, the BLXBuds buds have an incredible customer service team. They make the experience of the users seamless. The product is made of premium quality.

Basic Features Of BLXBuds Earbuds

Reading the official website of earbuds and the customer’s BLXBuds reviews, I could note the following features. Read further to get a better understanding of the same:


      • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology: The BLXBuds buds are made up of technology that allows active noise cancelling (1). You can use it for your gaming sessions. You can effectively cut off the incoming noise and experience an effortless and premium sound experience.


      • Portable and Convenient: It is made up of premium quality and are portable and easy to use. The product is lightweight and allows the user to wear it for a longer duration. The earbuds are very compact and comfortable to wear.


      • Double HD Microphone Technology: The earbuds allows one to easily connect with other devices using features like Google Assistance (2), Siri (3). It also has a built-in HD microphone feature.


      • Quick in Charging: The BLXBuds wireless earbuds can be charged very quickly. Unlike the other earphones, you do not have to station yourself near the charging station when using the BLXBuds. You can enjoy hours of music and talk once fully charged. Also, to charge fully, you need only a few hours.


      • Adaptable Ear Tips: The ear tips come adaptable and can be easily adjusted as per the user’s requirement. The device comes with three silicone ear tips for medium, small, and large ear sizes.


      • Latest Bluetooth 5.1 version Technology: The BLXBuds comes with the newest Bluetooth 5.1 version technology. The earphone works effortlessly on Bluetooth. To enjoy the best of the technology, keep your Bluetooth device nearby.

Features Of BLXBuds Earbuds

BLXBuds Headphone Pros And Cons



      • The product is pocket-friendly and is very easy and convenient to use.
      • The BLXBuds has an ultra-lightweight construction. It is thus easy to carry and use.
      • It has superior sound quality. It outperforms conventional earbuds and headphones.
      • The BLXBuds have a compact case for quick recharging and storage.
      • The manufacturer provides a guaranteed high quality. The customers who have an issue with it are provided with an immediate refund.




      • Using the earphone for a longer duration of time can have health effects. But this is not something specific to BLXBuds wireless earbuds only. It is a universal fact.
      • For some customers who have specified requirements, would not be the most suitable product.


I was reading the BLXBuds reviews and people, in general, were happy and satisfied with the product results. There were some disappointments, but those were mainly concerned with the product packaging and delivery. The customers who were not happy with the result were immediately refunded.

Is BLXBuds Legit Or Not?

The very fact that the BLXbuds wireless earbuds are manufactured by the reputed and globally accepted company of BLX makes the product legit. To address any customer complaints, the BLXBuds provide an extensive Help Centre theory establishing their credibility.

Furthermore, their 100% satisfaction guarantee and dedicated team at the customer helpdesk is enough to prove that they are legit. Even the customer’s BLXBuds reviews reiterated the same. If the user is not fully satisfied with the brand-new BLXBuds, they can easily return them within 30 days of purchase and get a refund in the shortest time frame.



BLXBuds Customer Reviews And Complaints

I was reading the customer’s BLXBuds reviews, and almost all of them were satisfied with the quality and functioning of the product. There were some dissatisfactions, but those were mainly concerned with the shipping and product packing.

The manufacturers promptly refunded the customers who were not satisfied with the product.

BLXBuds Customer Reviews


BLXBuds Pricing And Availability

Checking the official website product, I noted the following pricing details. Read further to get a better understanding.

The cost price of one set of BLXBuds has been listed below:

      • One set for $49.99


If you buy more sets of the BLXBuds wireless earbuds, you will receive an even steeper discount. The pricing details are listed below:

      • Two sets for $ 91.99
      • Three sets for $124.99
      • Four sets for $159.99


At the moment, there is a 50% additional discount available on the official website of BLXBuds. To get the best of the offer, visit the official website.

Final Verdict on BLXBuds Reviews

In case you are looking for premium quality earbuds at affordable pricing, you can buy them. The BLXBuds review was satisfactory, and the people who brought the product were happy and satisfied with the results.

In my opinion, buying the product is a good deal. At the moment, the additional 50% discount and the manufacturer’s claim of 100% satisfaction and 30-days money-back guarantee are some points that one can consider while buying it.

The product is made up of premium quality products and comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 version Technology. So without many dilemmas, the users who are looking for premium quality earbuds can buy the BLXBuds.



Q1. What are the key features of the BLXBuds?


The key features as per the official website of BLXBuds and BLXBuds reviews are:

      • Ultra-lightweight construction
      • Compact case for storage and quick recharging.
      • The superior sound quality that outperforms conventional earbud headphones
      • Contoured design gives maximum comfort.


Q2. Where can I buy the BLXBuds?


To buy the BLXBuds, the customers can visit the official website of the BLXBuds earbuds.


Q3. Is the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology available in the BLXBuds?


Yes, the BLXBuds comes with the latest Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology. Using the earbuds, the customers would get to experience the best noise cancellation feature.


Q4. Can I buy more than one product and still access the discount?


Yes, the customers can buy more than one BLXBuds wireless earbuds. The best part is that when they buy the product in bulk, they can avail themselves of more discounts.


Q5. What is the product specification?


The BLXBuds product specifications as per the official have been mentioned below:

      • TWS Dual Stereo wireless buds
      • 10 m connectivity range
      • 1-hour quick charge
      • Double microphones
      • Water-proof/water-safe: IPX4
      • Hands-Free calling is also available
      • Superfast Type-C charging port
      • Excellent audio range from 20Hz to 20 kHz
      • Robust and deep bass, and reverb


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