🏆 In the Feminine Frequency reviews here, you shall be led through every aspect of the Feminine Frequency e-book from what it is to what benefits it carries. The product has been substantiated enough by a number of personal experiences and reviews by women who have observed changes in general. From getting the job they sought after to meeting and getting the man of their life, the Feminine Frequency e-book claims to transform the lives of women who use it, incredibly.

Feminine Frequency Reviews: Does This E-book Favor Women To Achieve Her Dreams?

In the Feminine Frequency review, we shall study the veracity of the product and examine the statements made on the official website in depth. So stick to this unbiased review for a better idea of the Feminine Frequency e-book.

Feminine Frequency reviews

Product Name Feminine Frequency
Item form e-book
Creator Alexis Watts
Who can use: Women who lack self-confidence
Product designed for: Women, Self-manifestation
Customer review Mostly positive reviews only
Price $27
Availability Official Website only
Official Website Click Here



What is Feminine Frequency?

Feminine Frequency is a guided meditation program that involves a set of procedures including the same breathing technique. Women activate their Feminine Frequency by listening to this audio program that asserts to help women self-manifest everything that they want in life. Based on the basic premise of heart manifestation, the Feminine Frequency e-book is said to trigger energies in the heart and lead the woman to activate and use the vibrations from her heart rather than the brain to materialize their desires and dreams into reality.

Feminine Frequency was crafted based on the revelations made by Dr. Stanislav Grof (1). His practitioners, based on his proprietary learning methods that have guided women in healing their deepest wounds, have established breathwork institutes across Ukraine.


Who is the creator of Feminine Frequency?

Alexis Watts, a woman who has used Feminine Frequency herself, is the creator and the marketeer of the product. Sharing her personal experience on the official website, Alexis talked about how a woman named Maria who she helped secure a job turned out to surpass Alexis and became the boss of her office. She had to witness her friend bossing her around and how swiftly she took over the charge of the office and won over Alexis’ crush at the office.

On a work trip to Ukraine, Maria shared that her secret to success is manifesting in the right way via the heart. On Maria’s insistence, Alexis visited a breathwork institute in Ukraine and while undergoing the procedure of this Feminine Frequency audio program and what was included therein, she felt light like losing weight and experienced some inner vibrations. The music and guided meditation made her feel quite relaxed.

Moreover, she felt there was no special treatment given to anyone particularly. With a more assertive voice, confidence without any makeup, and setting boundaries at work, things seemed to work for her. She apparently got promoted to the Director of Operations with a salary hike and other perks. Moreover, she got engaged to the CFO of Canada’s largest insurance company. She wanted to share her journey and this audio formula of breathwork with all the women.


What is included in Feminine Frequency?

Feminine Frequency e-book pack comes with audio CDs or files that can be played on any device.  The pack comprises of affirmations video. These videos will help you in bulletproofing your confidence. The subliminal video aids in quickly increasing your video. The Feminine Frequency e-book pack also comprises manifestation sigils that will aid in attracting blessings. In addition to this, customers will also receive 3 free gifts along with the Feminine Frequency e-book pack. 

Feminine Frequency content

How does Feminine Frequency work?

Feminine Frequency e-book works on the psyche of women who tend to get a laid-back attitude by transforming it into a claim-it-all attitude. It improves their way of thinking and lifestyle by aspiring them to make significant changes in order to stay organized and feel confident about themselves. In the course of the Feminine Frequency audio program, women have observed visible and non-visible changes in how they feel. 

The first phase of the Feminine Frequency audio program aims to help women avoid self-doubt. This involves guided meditation for the 7-7-7 breathing technique. The second phase termed Sacral Energy Healing brings one’s creative power to live that fulfills the objective of helping women live life on their own terms and activate their sexuality to charm their desired partner. The third and final phase “Heart Opening” performs the major function of triggering manifestations from the heart. Vibrations pile up the synchronicities to activate the Feminine Frequency e-book.

Feminine Frequency working

Benefits of Feminine Frequency program

The benefits that have been purported to cater to the users of the program are centered on the premise of them realizing their conscience and working on themselves through the Feminine Frequency audio-guided meditation program (2).

The benefits that I could get from the plain reading of the Feminine Frequency official website can be summarised as follows-


🏆   It helps women realize their inner potential and benefit from it.

🏆  Through heart manifestations, they learn to make well-informed decisions.

🏆  Women are able to take charge of their lives and achieve what they have always desired.

🏆  They can invoke their powers of sexuality to charm their desired partner and go beyond gender-inhibited norms.

🏆  Feminine Frequency e-book helps you to get more organized and graceful.

 Feminine Frequency Benefits

Pros and Cons

Feminine Frequency e-book is a product that has its own fair share of pros and cons. It is extremely important for you as a customer to weigh both while coming to a decision whether you want to go for the same.

Pros Cons
✔️  Feminine Frequency e-book can be used by any woman. 

✔️  It is safe since it does not require you to consume any medicine or supplement. 

✔️  It involves meditation so it works on your inner faculties to give an effective result (3)

✔️  Feminine Frequency audio program can also be practiced at home.

✔️  It only takes 30 minutes of uninterrupted time each day.

❌  It will only work if you do it diligently and sincerely.

❌  The Feminine Frequency audio program is only available through online mode.

❌  It is not meant for impatient users who require fast results.


Does Feminine Frequency work for all women?

To date, many testimonials across the world have supplemented the objectives of the program and it has purportedly made a huge impact on women for relationship issues and professional success, irrespective of their age, geographical location, or marital status. As per the website, even some men have benefitted from the Feminine Frequency e-book. If women retain their trust in the Feminine Frequency audio program and fulfill all the requirements while going through the phases, it will benefit them in the ways mentioned on the official website.

Feminine Frequency audio program

Is Feminine Frequency legit or not?

Talking and researching about the legitimacy of the product has led me to come up with the deduction that the Feminine Frequency e-book seems to be a legitimate product. Customers have experienced incredible outcomes with guided meditation. They are also said to benefit from the free gifts offered by the program. With the moneyback guarantee and cheap price of the product, customers have nothing to lose and they can give it a try.

Feminine Frequency customer reviews and Complaints

Feminine Frequency reviews of women who have performed the entire course of this meditation program have majorly been positive. A few complaints reported by women have been in cases where they expected the results too soon or were hasty with the phases and did not achieve the desired results. 
Every product is not intended to benefit one and all, in some cases it might fall through for want of proper observance from its customers. In such cases, customers need to stay vary by themselves.

Feminine Frequency customer reviews

Feminine Frequency Pricing and Availability

Feminine Frequency e-book along with its free bonuses is available to everyone at a final and discounted price of $27.  

Feminine Frequency Bonuses

Along with the audio files, users will get three bonuses of the Feminine Frequency e-book at no additional cost, namely-

Feminine Frequency Bonus

🔊  Affirmations Audio:

This gift comprises a CD consisting of audio clips that say “I am Enough”. The audio files have been designed to provide users with strong confidence.

🔊  Subliminal Video:

This video file helps women to revive and enhance their grace, beauty, and charm to crack any job interview or impress their partner on a date.

🔊  Manifestation Art:

This works on the symbol of “sigil” which can be used for heart manifestation. The creator claims that if you stare at the sign for about 10 seconds at a stretch, you can invoke blessings from the Universe.

Final Verdict on Feminine Frequency reviews

On overall examination throughout the Feminine Frequency reviews, the product seems quite trustworthy and workable. Feminine Frequency e-book has been examined and tried by customers, leaving them satisfied. Giving it a try won’t hurt considering all the factors examined in this article. With manifestation art sigil, subliminal videos, and affirmations videos, your desires will reach their actualization. 


Feminine Frequency FAQ’s

Whom can a person contact for any queries?

For product support, customers may contact the vendor at support@tryfemininefrequency.com.

When will the product and bonuses be accessible?

People will be able to access the product and gifts immediately after making the payment.

How does the moneyback guarantee work?

If anyone is not satisfied with the product or the results, they can initiate a request for full refund within 60 days.

How is the audio file supposed to be used at home?

Users will get a narrative instruction along with the product to use the same.

Does the product pricing cover shipping costs?

Shipping costs are included in the product price itself.


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