The Shambala Secret is a unique meditation program that is designed to manifest wealth, abundance, and much more in life. Created by David Chandler, this manifestation program is primarily focused upon the human subconscious mind letting you be able to control your attention and thoughts over it, instead of following the traditional law of attraction. Opting for The Shambala secret, you can diminish the bundles of negativity and scarcity in your life, and in return, you fill it with an abundance of everything that you desire. Once you get complete power over the thoughts in your subconscious, you will be able to change them according to what you desire rather than what you lack. And hence to gain prosperity in anything that you wish to have. 

The Shambala Secret Reviews – A Good Guide From David Chandler?

You might be someone who wishes to put an end to scarcity and all the struggles in life. Waiting for the moment that gives rise to change your life is not enough to succeed. All you need to do in this is to transform yourself to receive all the things you wish to have to be with you. And now, possibly, your dreams are not so far away from coming into reality, let’s find out how through The Shambala Secret review.  

The Shambala Secret Reviews

Program Title The Shambala Secret
Main Benefits Help you to manifest wealth, abundance, and much more in life
Creator David Chandler
Category Manifestation
Specification It is an audio program
Duration 22-minute
Price $39.00
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

What Is The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is an audio program that is designed for you to get through the torments and achieve success by letting you be the master of your subconscious mind. Since the subconscious is the conductor of your thoughts and attention, having control over it and refining your thoughts will let you eliminate negativity and scarcity from your sight forever as they restrict you to make progress in life.

The word Shambala in Tibetan ideology refers to a place that is blessed with peace, prosperity, and serenity- a place that is totally free of pain, suffering, and frustration. It is something that is closer to heaven or paradise.

Even though it is believed to be a future place, you can make it a part of your life by bringing it into reality. And this is what The Shambala Secret would help you to find out. This program is 100% non-religious and beyond the principles in the law of attraction. 

You see the base of The Shambala Secret program is “ The 3 Truths”.

  • Your attention creates your reality.
  • Your brain is often get caught in the Vortex of negativity.
  • Your attention is conducted by the subconscious mind.

The Man Behind The Shambala Secret

The Shambala Secret was created by David Chandler, who was a broken musician, while he was working in a dead-end job in Antarctica. Until then he was completely devastated after his constant tries to succeed in his life.

He even lost his better half all of a sudden to add to his turmoil and ended up even more struggles after reaching Antarctica. He accidentally met a woman named Aria there, from whom he got the secrets to transforming his life into an abundance of fortunes. 

How The Shambala Secret helps you?

The Shambala Secret program is a neuroscientific approach to let you manifest anything that you want to have in life. Here, you will listen to a 22-minute audio meditation every day on your way to sleep.

The audio is a combination of chants, chimes, and bells to direct your subconscious through your desired pathway. And even science also found that it is possible to influence your subconscious with certain sound waves, like gamma brain waves. Once you start listening to the audio regularly, you can put an end to the never-ending scarcity and negativity which often prevents you from being in the path of prosperity.

You will have a clear idea about the three truths that revolve around The Shambala Secret program. Then you will realize that wherever you put your attention, it determines what you experience in reality. Hence the program will teach you how to deviate your attention in a productive way, which can eventually lead you to success. 

Secondly, you will get aware of how your brain can be caught by the negative vortex. This means painful experiences create their own gravity in your mind, to get your attention caught in the negativity vortex. As a result, you will only see negativity and scarcity before you. Following The Shambala Secret program will let you escape from this and let you see opportunities and possibilities instead.

Finally, the secrets to getting power over your subconscious will be revealed to you. Then you can reprogram your subconscious conductor inside you to transform your life. So that you will control the conductor of your attention to determine almost all of your thoughts, feelings, and decisions. Then you will be assisted to find out the areas where you should put your attention, you start to make changes in your current conditions, and manifest things that you desire to have. 

The Shambala Secret Bracelet Benefits 

  • It will let you aware of the possibilities and opportunities in life
  • You can create the experience of reality that you authentically long to have into existence
  • It will help you to raise your confidence levels 
  • You will have a clear idea of recreating your life and make it more meaningful.
  • You will feel the more positive energy in and around you
  •  You will finally achieve the life that you have dreamed of ever since. 
  • It will refine your thoughts, ideas, decisions, and attention towards the positive aspects of life to make it meaningful.
  • It removes scarcity from your life 
  • You can have an abundance of things in life like money, prosperity, and peace of mind after following The Shambala Secret program.
  • It will enhance your relationship with others 

What’s Inside The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret program consists of a 22-minute audio track that will eventually help you to manifest things in life. And the Shambala Secret audio has three other distinct phases. 

  • Induction

The initial phase of The Shambala Secret program is with a guided meditation track which is paired with gamma brain waves, and an immersive effect of 3-D audio. Within a few minutes of hearing them can prepare your subconscious to receive new instructions. Then you will be able to focus on your attention to experience the reality that you wish to see.

  • Subversion

It is a major part of the meditation program. Here the guided meditation is not audible to your ears, but to your subconscious. Hence it will result in subverting the old soundtrack of your life, which is filled with all your limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, shame, and darkness. Then it transforms the soundtrack into a reality of abundance.

  • Re-Awakening

Moving on to the third phase, you will come out of the subliminal phase as a short audible guided meditation will fuse the subconscious realm with the conscious realm. Then you will be re-awaken to an alert and empowered state of relaxed energy.

How To Use The Shambala Secret?

As you will be provided with an audio meditation track of secrets, you need to listen to it when you get into bed every night to sleep. This time is preferable because it is the most suitable and powerful occasion for it. Because it is when your body and brain actively recreate themselves. 

How Is The Shambala Secret Different From Other Manifestation Programs?

The Shambala Secret is unique and totally different from the conventional methods based on the law of attraction to manifest things. This is something that is scientifically confirmed by the world’s leading physicists. Besides it works on addressing the subconscious conductor, or by altering the attention of your subconscious mind towards things that you desire to have rather than putting the focus on things that you are not possessed with.

 Pros And Cons Of The Shambala Secret


  • It is powerful, quick, and easy to use 
  • It is a scientifically proven approach to manifest things in life. 
  • The secrets that are revealed to you are 100% non-religious
  • It is a unique program that stands out from others that are based on the law of attraction.
  • You will be provided with a 3-D sound-based audio track to influence your subconscious. And other three bonus audio tracks to positively influence you.
  • It is risk-free and you can have a refund in case you are not satisfied


  • You can only get it online
  • It requires your active participation
  • Its effect may vary from person to person

The Shambala Secret Customer Reviews

The Shambala Secret Pricing & Where To Get It?

I know you are eagerly going through The Shambala Secret review to know where to get it from and what could be its total cost. 

So, let me tell you, if you are looking forward to trying The Shambala Secret program, you can only get it from the official website. Remember to buy it from the authentic site to ensure that you are with the right program.

You will need to invest only $39 to get access to the program along with its bonuses.

The Shambala Secret Bonuses

  • The Healing Wind, Worth $37

It is an 11-minute audio track. This powerful quick-hit meditation guide will soothe you whenever you feel heavy, overwhelmed, or gloomy.

  • The Sleeping Ocean, Worth $57

This track will help you to tackle the issue of bad sleep. All you have to do is listen to this 22 minutes audio track after you listen to the Shambala Secret at night. It is with calming ocean voices and the sound of Tibetan singing bowls. It can harmonize your brain waves to let you enjoy a sound sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

  • The Golden Sunrise, Worth $37

Finally, you will also get this 5-minute track with brain waves of positivity and focus. You can start your day awake and alert after listening to this track of morning sounds. 

The Shambala Secret Bonus

The Shambala Secret Money-Back Guarantee

You are totally risk-free to make your purchase as you are offered a 100% money-back guarantee for a full 365 days, just in case you are not happy with the program. Besides no further inquiry will be made at the time of refund.

Final Verdict – The Shambala Secret Reviews

The Shambala Secret Program proves that it is possible to manifest almost anything in life after deviating your attention to the right track. The simple audio tracks that come along with the program can help you to eliminate the scarcity and negativity of life.

You can turn your life to be peaceful with an abundance of everything you aspire to have. You don’t have to solely believe The Shambala Secret review to give it a try. As it could successfully save and change a lot of lives until today too.

If you also want to experience the same, the Shambala Secret Audio can help you with that. Moreover, it is safe as you have a 100% money-back guarantee.

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