If you had been a restless gamer child in your 90’s, you know better than the current generation about the importance of playing Sega games. Our childhood was blessed when Sega Games had made a positive impact in our life making the gameplay experience addictive and thrilling.

Back then, we never bothered about the graphic card nor the Gigabytes when considered buying an entertaining pc game. All it mattered was the happiness we gained by playing better mood creating games. When a new game was released, adrenaline rushes through your veins and keeps you excited and wondering how the game would be.

Best Sega CD Games

Online and high graphic games are addictive and provide a realistic experience. But retro games are even more fun-packed and are incomparable to none other. How can a blue hedgehog be forgotten that’s not wild enough to threaten you and virtually lets you take its shape as a character? Below I will be listing the top 10 Sega CD games that I feel were the best. Everyone would have a different opinion and this is my taste. Hope you like it.

Best sega cd games

1.Sonic the Hedgehog

No days were enjoyed without playing Sonic The Hedgehog CD and some consider other games as the best ever published by Sega. I totally disagree with that and the SONIC CD will forever be my number 1.

People still hail the blue hedgehog who fights fearlessly to decimate enemies. You would feel the same if you had played the Sonic game and turned yourself into the lightning-fast hedgehog character. This game gained a lot of attention because of its simplicity.

Owning the console was everybody’s dream-like how people are eager to have a PS5 or an Xbox at home today. In the game, Sonic hops runs and twirls ahead to complete his mission. On the way, he has to face and exterminate his enemies. He tears his enemies who obstruct and attack him on his way to save his girlfriend.

The game has been well executed that the critics have nothing to say about this game. Fans complained that the Japanese version had a better soundtrack played in the game, better visual during the road race stages. For some, it’s the spin dash and the gameplay that they can’t forget.

The game incorporated stunning effects especially when sonic runs through the loop, Eye View of sonic and shrinking down of the character. Sonic CD has changed the face value of Sega completely and recorded top sales during those times. It is the game that completely turned things around for Sega and has been considered an integral pride of the gaming industry.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Snatcher was developed and introduced by Konami which was based on a story and design made by Hideo Kojima. He wanted the game to have a cinematic effect, and that’s how the storyline and settings were influenced by movies like The Terminator, Akira, and BladeRunner.

It was released in Japan in 1988 and the theme of the game is based on a future east Asian metropolitan life where robots kill humans and are seen replacing them. The remake of the game was made in 1992, suitable for CD-ROM technology.

 Snatcher is a cyberpunk adventure game that begins with an amnesiac who joins an agency that hunts down snatchers. The amnesiac(you) is in search of what happened to him in the past. The game has an interface that allows choosing options from the menu including searching rooms, examining items, speaking to other characters, exploring the world, and much more.

The development of the Snatcher Pc version took double the time than it took to create a usual game in those days. Even after 20 years have passed by, hardcore fans are still crazy about the game and are wishing for a sequel version to be released.

After all, gamers can only hope and wish for anything to happen.Your character in the Snatcher pc version game will be Gillian Seed who roams around the future city with his robot friend named Metal Gear.

The screen will have a pop-up box with task allotment and actions you need to take care of. If the right clues are cleared, you would advance to the next stage. With an outstanding animation and voice, you can never find a better way to enjoy the game.

3.Earthworm Jim

One game was created by thinking out of the box as it rocked with its highly amusing level designs, impressive animations, and a line of the cast with characters that would stay in your mind. Each level was unique in its own way and there was nothing that kept the players boring about the game.

1Earthworm Jim Special Edition was applauded for its creativity and standout quality that it was the best quality game for the team. The background might feel less detailed for some people but they are happy with audio, better animations, extra weapons, new secret places, level expansions, and the password system.

Even though the sequel proved worthy, the 3D version crashed out in 1999. Earthworm Jim has been a true platformer game that everybody wished to play, back in those days. 

4.NHL 94

Hockey games in the ’90s gave a nail-biting experience and everybody waited for their turn to play the game. It was one out of 3 EA games that were released on the Sega CD and were hailed as an astounding sports game that shone during the 16 bit days.

Even today, there are loyal gamers who claim that there was no better NHL game ever made. It had better controls and allowed players to save their record and the one-timer shot added excitement to the game. There was a theme for each arena and voices were added to the game. 


An energetic shooting game with lots of fun was one of a kind game with better visualization with a 3D polygon-shaped theme. This was a game that stood out from the rest of the 16-bit entertainers.

Slipheed had FMV used and a unique game with backgrounds of pre-rendered video. The background track was liked by many and this 2D shooting game was incomparable with any other games of that time.

6.Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure

Popful Mail is a delightful and entertaining action platformer with some of the best scenes, beautiful voice acting, background tracks joyful for your ears with fantastic gameplay. The game is developed and produced by Working Designs and “Popful” is accessible and unique.

It’s unlucky to say that this game has been an underrated game of the ’90s despite having a lot of exploration in the game. To get a copy of this game is nearly impossible but you might be lucky enough to find it in a yard sale or a used version of the game.

Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure

7.Lunar: Eternal Blue

Lunar: Eternal Blue is a traditional RPG game with similar looks, sounds, and playability to the older version. This Sequel is a lengthier, dramatic script, improved magic system. Eternal Blue of the CD format has orchestra blended theme music, voices, and many cinematic scenes that are anime-inspired.

The game lets you travel from place to place. The game is focused on a storyline and characters instead of bringing creativity while playing. 

Lunar: Eternal Blue

8. Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Infatuated by seeing Star Wars movies in my childhood, I believed that there was a parallel world beyond our planet where galactical war occurred every now and then, between the space invaders of different planets. Star Wars was one of my Favourite games and I am a space person who loved shooting opponents from other planets.

Being a game that lets you blast down your opponents, Star Wars: Rebel Assault is considered a masterpiece shooting game with space battle sounds and a few movie sequences. Playing these games has woven beautiful memories of the past that you can’t expect from a PS5 or Xbox.

If you are a rogue Squadron Series lover, then this game would be a perfect addition to your best Sega cd games list.

Star Wars: Rebel Assault

9.The Misadventures of Flink

Those were the best times where you had very thrilling platformers and The Misadventures of Flink was one of them. It would bring joy to your eyes with its visuals and the graphics were exceptional.

The soundtrack was notably good and the overall experience playing The Misadventures of Flink would make anyone happier. The game begins when you start moving forward and includes activities like landing on the enemy heads and exploring the treasure chest.

It requires more jumping for the players to make and the whole design and concept is remarkably stunning.

The Misadventures of Flink

10.The Secret of Monkey Island

You need to explore and that’s how the game would progress. If you are someone who likes exploring then this game is totally meant for you, Just point and click for playing the game. The game was designed in such a way that the virtual hero cannot be killed by anyone.

This will help you get deeper into the story and understand things well. Complete missions to turn your character into a pirate. You can also find ghosts around, treasures buried, and a hooked man. 


These are a few games that contribute to less than 5 % of the total Sega games. There might be better games that I have not played yet but sometimes the taste and preference would vary. But the love for 16-bit games would never fade away for me and these are a few good names I have enlisted for you to explore.

If you might get a chance to download any of these games or find any of the CDs in any used stores, consider yourself a lucky gamer of the ’90s.

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