There has always been a debate over the fact of the improvement in technology. Gone are the days of telegramming and waiting in the long lines at the telephone booth to make one single call. The technology has gifted us with the best network ranges in our smartphone and of course, the social media platform so that all of us remain connected to each other.

How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health?

Many platforms are available these days with the help of which one can check the image, status, and location of another person. There are also options with the help of which one can acknowledge other’s vies, thoughts and statements and also share the same with others. However, these benefits of any social media are also with some hazards that one must check before using these mediums.

How Does Social Media Affect Your Mental Health

Just like the two sides of the coin, social media takes a toll on our mental health both positively and negatively. Here is all that you need to know about how this amazing platform affects your mind and what you could do to keep your mind healthy.

Pros for The Mental Health:

  • Keeps you connected – The first advantage of being a part of any social media platform is that it keeps you updated. Many of the users stay in touch with their school and college friends even after decades of their graduation because of social media. The relatives, friends, and all the well-wishers can stay connected. One can also have an update of a specific event in a few seconds by this medium.
  • Keeps you updated – Social media has all the information on the day to day happenings. It could be about any sort of news or any kind of new updates in the society. All of this can be found on the social media platform, and this keeps you mentally prepared for everything.
  • Helps you maintain relationships – There are many relationships that have blossomed over Facebook and other social media apps. You get to make new friends over social media and build a healthy relationship with them. Along with this, the present relationships can be made strong and distant relationships can still continue with the help of social media. A healthy relationship leads to happy mental health.
  • Curbs the introvert in you – Many of the introverts who do not open up much become social because of social media. There are many introverts who get into depression because of not opening up. With the help of social media, one becomes more social and the risks of people getting into depression or even having suicidal tendencies.

Cons for The Mental Health:

  • Promotes myths and fake news – Many times, the news that we see on the social media platforms are fake or do not have a strong point to prove. This fake and false information spreads drastically and has a negative impact on the minds of many. For instance, the news of some money-making scams, or even some fake accounts prove to dangerously impact one’s mental health.
  • Makes you insecure – Every post that a friend makes or a celebrity makes on social media mainly shows the positive side of their lives. This, at times, can make one feel insecure about their own life or make them think that the grass on the other side is greener. This insecurity in some of the families may lead to depression too. This is not a healthy feeling, and if one does not understand the facts behind the images, there is a lot of mental trauma that they can go through.
  • Makes you a target of Cyberbullying – Cyberbullying is very common these days. Although most of the social media platforms have taken several steps to abolish it, you can see it happening in a friend’s group. The most common individuals for all the bullying and trolls could be the introverts or even celebrities. There are many who get into depression because of this, and this is a con that is completely unhealthy on the mind.
  • Can make you lonely – The social media platforms, of course, make you very much social, and you could hang out and stay connected with a million out there, but at the same time, you would get detached from your own people who are around you. If you stand addicted to social media, it would ultimately be you and your phone only in the long run, and the relationship with closer people gets hampered. This could make you feel lonely, and you would definitely lose your loved ones and end up into depression.

All of these are the pros and cons of being on social media platforms. Too much is too bad, and the same thing happens when you overuse it. Use it the right way and make way for a happy mind.

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