This is an in-depth Soul Insole review. As human beings we have somewhat grown accustomed to living with pain in our feet. If we have you nodding at this line, then you will also agree that you have been waiting for a solution for this so that you can come back at the end of the day, kick off your shoes and not feel any pain whatsoever! Maybe, we have something for you here, in this Soul Insole review!

Soul Insole Review: Elastic, Anti-shock, & Comfortable Design!

Soul Insole is a shoe bubble that has been biomechanically designed to cure painful feet. It fits snugly inside your shoes and gives you protection from the impact made when you are walking or moving your feet.

Whatever shoes you are wearing, however, acute the pain in your heels, knees, or ankles, Soul Insole provides relief for foot pain. There are also several other benefits that this product offers as we discovered, so keep on reading this Soul Insole review for more information.

Soul Insole Review

Product Title Soul Insole
Type Shoe Sole
Category Foot Pain Relief
Price $29.99
Official Website Click Here

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About Soul Insole Shoe Bubble

Soul Insole is a non-intrusive, reusable orthotic or shoe bubble which has been designed to provide relief from painful foot conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Ball of Foot Pain and Over-Pronation. While to the layperson, the names of these medical conditions may sound gibberish, only those who are suffering from them will understand the real pain. According to Soul Insole review, people with these conditions live in pain for years without finding any permanent solution.

Soul Insole has been designed for people like them. It is designed keeping in mind the structure of the human foot, how it bends and moves during any kind of action like walking, running, cycling, etc, and also the various pressure points of the foot where the pain is severe. In doing so, it addresses the root of the problem and provides just the cushioning the feet need.

As on date, hundreds of customers with happy feet have benefitted greatly from the Soul Insole shoe bubble, as the numerous Soul Insole reviews prove. These people include chronic sufferers who, for the longest time had tried to find a cure for their painful conditions to no avail.

Benefits of Soul Insole

  • Remedy for painful feet: As we have been discussing in this Soul Insole review, the orthotic goes to the root of the problem of painful feet and provides relief. If you have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Ball of Foot Pain and Over-Pronation, then this solution claims to act as a remedy for them. Its elastic, anti-shock, and comfortable design also massages your feet while walking.
  • Corrects body posture: Not many people know the link between the movement of their feet and their body posture. Painful feet often cause the body to bend and stoop in odd ways, throwing your normal posture out of whack. By curing the pain in your feet, Soul Insole creates better body alignment and adjusts your posture.
  • Easy to maintain: Soul Insole is washable and reusable. It can be simply washed in water at home, regenerating the adhesives automatically.

Soul Insole results

How does Soul Insole work?

Soul Insole works in 4 particular ways as mentioned below in the Soul Insole review:

  • Provides sufficient toe space: Soul Insole shoe bubble comes with ample space for your toes so that they don’t feel crowded in the front as they are usually prone to do.
  • Relief for the ball of foot: Soul Insole is created to take off the pressure on your feet so that it offloads weight on the ball of the foot and offers comfort.
  • Relief for heels: Again, it helps in redistributing pressure from the heels, providing a buffer to the heels, and offer comfort from Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spur.
  • Acts as arch-booster: Ensures that the arch of your foot is always in a comfortable position especially for people who have flat feet or high arches, preventing Over Pronation.

Also, these insoles with air pockets are designed with greater elasticity and are shock-proof so that you can be comfortable even while enjoying extreme sports and activities.

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Pros and Cons of Soul Insole


  • Cures painful feet: Any foot problem that causes unbearable pain is cured by using Soul Insole inside your shoes.
  • Convenient: As per Soul Insole review, the biomechanically designed orthotics can be fit into any kind of shoes you wear from your formal daywear to casual sports shoes.
  • Durable: You can wash and reuse it at home as the adhesive in the product regenerates on its own.
  • Affordable: Compared to all the expensive medication, balms, and ointments you have spent money on, Soul Insole doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and is affordable.


  • Online: You can’t purchase the product anywhere else but the official website.
  • Limited stocks: Stocks run out very fast so it is crucial to keep an eye out at the website to know when the stocks are in.

Soul Insole shoe bubble

Features of Soul Insole:

  • Biomechanical design: Its biomechanical design ensures that it fits comfortably into your shoes and takes the shape of your feet, cushioning the impact of the ground on the various pressure points.
  • Cleaning features: One of the really helpful Soul Insole features is how simple it is to keep it clean after every use. The insoles come with their regenerative adhesive which means you can wash it at home without damaging it.
  • Endurance and massaging features: As mentioned earlier in the Soul Insole review, the insoles are inbuilt with an adhesive that provides a buffer to your arches so that you can be on your feet for long periods without any pain. It also massages your feet as you walk so that you feel comfortable.
  • Cares for the feet: Soul Insole supports defective foot conditions like high arches and flat feet, offloading pressure from the heel and forefoot, making your feet feel relaxed and cared for.

How to use Soul Insole?

According to the multiple Soul Insole reviews, we checked by people who had used it, one of the key highlights of the product is how easy it is to use. You just need to take it out of its packaging and fit it into your shoes. They can be formal shoes, heels, running shoes, hiking boots, or any kind of shoe and size that you wear, even flipflops!

Soul Insole relief for foot pain

Since Soul Insole comes in one universal fit, it will comfortably attach to the inside of your shoe without any hassles. You would hardly even notice there is anything in your shoes. The fit is so perfect that the insole won’t budge or loosen in any way. It is also designed keeping in mind the space for your toes and ensures there’s no heel slip either.

The other great thing is that it is reusable. You can remove them from one pair of shoes and use them in another according to your wish. People who are on their feet all day for professional reasons generally suffer from bad cases of Plantar Fasciitis, which using Soul Insole can remedy with its unique design and comfortable fit.

Where and how to buy Soul Insole?

The team that manufactures Soul Insole haven’t taken their product to the market as of now. Hence, you won’t find it on Amazon or your nearest Walmart unfortunately. You would need to visit their official website and choose the option you want to buy.

The insoles come in 3 packages as listed below in the Soul Insole review:

  • A 1 pair package costing $29.99
  • A 3 pair package costing $59.99
  • A 6 pair package costing $95.99

You just need to click on the option you prefer and your order will be placed. You will get an instant notification about when to expect your package in the mail. There is also a 60-day moneyback feature which allows you to claim a full refund of your money within 60 days if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Soul Insole Reviews

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It isn’t easy to live with painful feet conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. Not only is the pain unbearable, after a point, but your whole life also gets messed up. Staying on your feet becomes a major cause of concern and you begin to lose sleep wondering how to fix the problem. Most often, the solutions are not worth your time and money. Medical practitioners recommend surgeries that demand you to pay through your nose without really solving the problem.

In such a context, if you find a solution that is as simple as using insoles in your shoes then isn’t that a relief? Not just any insole, but a biomechanically designed, reusable one with a universal fit so that you can use it in any type and size of shoes. As you have been reading so far in this Soul Insole review, this pair of insoles are designed to not just cure painful feet, but it also fixes improper body posture. At the end of the day hundreds of people with chronic feet problems have given it a thumbs up in their Soul Insole reviews. In our opinion, all this makes Soul Insole a great bargain at its price. What do you think?

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