Online video gaming has grown to become a widely popular leisure activity irrespective of age. It is also one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech industry.

The impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on the gaming industry was insane! A massive number of people began to step into the world of gaming to escape from their boring quarantine.

Studies show that the global pandemic boosted great revenues for the gaming industry in 2020. Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer, you may have different interests in the type of online video games that you would like to play. 

10 Best Otome Games Escape Into The World Of Otome

The most popular online video games around the world can truly be attributed to Otaku or manga/anime games. The United States has the world’s most anime fans and Japan has become the world’s Otaku paradise. 

If you are a hardcore Otaku gamer or Bishounen fan, I believe you must have surely heard of Otome games. If not, let me introduce you to the world of Otome and some of its best games that you might want to try!

10 Best Otome Games Escape Into The World Of Otome

The gaming world of Otome

To begin with, Otome is a Japanese word that means ‘maiden or girl’. Otome game is therefore an online video game mostly made for girls or women. Otoge is the short term for Otome games. 

The concept of the game involves a female lead who is met with many potential suitors but has to make the desired partner fall in love with her. The outcome differs from game to game. 

It is mostly carried out through a visual novel style. The game is played by using dialogues or actions that affect the relationship in the format of a decision tree. Most otome games are of this style but there are other otome games as well such as BL games or Boys Love games. 

Now let us dive into the top otome games which are a must-play for every otaku!

  • Love Spell: Written in the Stars

Luna is the name of the protagonist in this game. A very lively and fun character she undergoes a lot of changes and becomes a better person through all the experiences she undergoes.

If you are a fluffy art lover who doesn’t need many dark deep stories, this would be a really good otome game for you!

You can play this game only via PC. 

Love Spell: Written in the Stars

Love Spell: Written in the Stars


  • Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth

An adventurous and magical tale, Cardia is a powerful woman with poisonous blood. She has the ability to cause death with just a single touch of her hands. So she always wears gloves to protect everyone around her. 

During the course of the game, Carida learns about the world and understands love through the various suitors she meets. This is possibly the best video game that you can play on a Nintendo switch.

You can also play it on PS4 and Vita. Code-Realize also has an anime adaption!

Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth

  • Collar x Malice

Set in the City of Shinjuku, a dangerous organization decides to attack the residents leading to violence and chaos. Ichika Hoshino is a female police officer who gets attacked and upon waking up finds a collar around her neck which consists of deadly poison. She teams up with 5 other policemen to protect Shinjuku.

You can play it via android, Nintendo switch, or Vita.

Collar x Malice

  • Mystic Messenger

It is the most popular otome game of all time and is quite different from the previous ones as the story unfolds in the form of real-time interactive messages and phone calls. You can move forward only based on your relationship with the rest of the characters. 

The texts or calls that you respond to influence the character route you will be taken. The story takes place for 12 days and you have to unlock various levels to reach the final part with the ending you desire. 

You need to be very committed to this game since it’s in real-time. Mystic messenger can be played for free on mobile!

  • Period: Cube

Period cube is mostly a game within a game! The female character’s elder brother is missing and she joins an online RPG, ‘Arcadia’ to find him. 

She happens to see a mysterious light and loses consciousness. When she wakes up, she finds herself in unusual surroundings and later finds out that she’s stuck in the game’s world. 

Survival becomes critical and the only way is to get out of the life-or-death situation is to fight back. A great visual story, it consists of exciting plot twists for you to uncover!

You can play this game on Vita.

  • Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live

In this game, the female lead meets two boybands and the story revolves around them and their relationships. She has to help them do live music shows. It’s mostly a rhythm game so it can be quite difficult to understand the mechanics of the game and win. 

The graphics and animations are super cool and you can listen to various songs as part of their live show.

You can play Shining Live via all mobiles!

Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live

  • Amnesia: Memories

Here the main character wakes up one day with no memories of her past. The main concept behind Amnesia: Memories is she trying to regain her memories. A male spirit named Orion attaches himself to her mind claiming that he is the reason she is unable to remember anything from the past. 

He then becomes her guide in the journey of regaining memories. While the main character is a female (like all otome games), Orion takes the form of a narrator taking the female lead on an adventurous journey throughout the game. 

There are five different worlds in this game that you have to unlock. You can only unlock the fifth world after gaining a good ending on the previous four. 

With interesting artwork and colors, Amnesia: Memories is a mystery packed story that you will surely love!

You can play it via PC, Vita, and mobile.

Amnesia: Memories

  • Wizardess Heart

Wizardess Heart is the perfect game for every mythical and fantasy lovers! Here the female lead who is a powerful wizardess gets a letter from the most prestigious magic academy of her village, Royal Magic Academy. 

The game revolves around her attempting to pass the tests before officially joining the academy. Her wizard skills are tested throughout the game to reach a good ending. 

You can play this game via android or PC only. 

  • Ikemen Sengoku

Developed by the biggest otome game company Cybrid, Ikemen Sengoku is their most popular game. The main character finds a job as a fashion designer. But by a twist of fate, she is taken back in time to Japan’s famous Sengoku era and ends up saving warlord Nobunaga Oda from death. 

He considers her a good luck charm and forces her to stay with him for 3 months to win the battles. Initially, she disagrees with his demands but as the game progresses she tries to understand him better which makes her fall in love with him. She is then faced with the challenge of her dream job in real time and her lover in an alternate reality. 

You can play this via all mobiles!

  •  Dangerous Fellows

If you are looking for a horror-themed otome game, I present to you Dangerous Fellows! Unlike the usual otome games which mostly involve time travel, Dangerous Fellows is set in the 21st century and is the first otome game to do so. 

Let’s get to the plot! An unknown virus has spread all around the globe turning people into zombies. In your attempt to escape, you are unexpectedly saved by five boys ie; the ‘fellows’. You hide with them in a school building along with other strangers and survival becomes critical. You need to have romantic interests with each character to complete each level. The endings differ from normal and secret endings, all of which are only attainable if you score the required points. 

You can play Dangerous Fellows via all mobiles! 

To conclude…

Otome games are a great choice if you ever feel like going back in time or live as an animated character. With each game giving interesting storylines, otome games are ideal for an adventurous and thrilling gaming experience! 

Usually, you can customize your character whereas some characters come with their own story and personality. Otages or Otome games are always exciting but they may not be enjoyed by everyone.

They have been a huge trend in the gaming market for years and are expected to gain more popularity over time. Ultimately, you can play the game of your choice be it Otome or not. It’s all a matter of how much enjoy the game. But I would always suggest you give Otoges a try!

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