People care a lot about their skin even if they are getting old. Cautious about having clearer skin and staying young is everybody’s favourite decision. Regardless of gender, it is something in the bloodstream that one has to look good, with skin free from flaws. Turmeric has been used in almost every cosmetic product. The efficacy of turmeric has reached its apex that all the beauty products and anti-ageing products will have turmeric as their primary content. More than 4000 years have gone since turmeric was first introduced for skin protection and the journey continues even after modernization, but the availability of the spice is in in the name of different cosmetic brands.

Our discussion will be on the most effective spice that will work its magic on our health. Turmeric is a spice known for its properties to cure and improve health from other diseases. It belongs to the ginger family. In Asia, turmeric is used as one of the main food ingredients for a better taste. But the spice is widely used as a medicinal element because of its effective curing properties. It has curcumin that gives it a yellow colour.

Turmeric Benefits Of Skin

The medical world has a lot of benefits through turmeric as the spice is meant to turn off any inflammation caused by viruses or bacteria. Even though there is no proper evidence, Turmeric is commonly used for solving high cholesterol level, depression, heartburn, any inflammation to the gut. It is one of the most tested and effective spices that can be seen on this planet.
During this COVID 19 pandemic, turmeric was considered as a very effective medicine to thicken our body’s defensive shield. But there is no much information regarding this. Curcumin chemical present in the turmeric solves any inflammation caused.

Turmeric is a bioactive element with curcumin constituting a major portion of it. Curcumin is an antioxidant that has an anti-inflammatory function. Modern science has explained that turmeric has the main use for skin protection and thus every beauty and dermatological product have turmeric content included in it. Almost 50% of turmeric contains manganese and iron that is very essential for our body. It also has potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamin C and a source of fibre. Since turmeric has a lot of health benefits,  we turn towards the dermatology part. Let’s discuss some of the most effective benefits after using turmeric in our daily life.

Turmeric Benefits Of Skin

Glow with the flow

Turmeric has elements that have the antioxidation and anti-inflammation properties that reflects on your skin to give it a glow.  The revival of your skin will be made to bring out that natural shine in you. Try out turmeric facemask and the changes will be felt. You can also prepare a mix of turmeric with yoghurt and apply it on your face. Since no chemicals added, you need not worry about any side effects caused by artificial chemicals. Peel off and wash away after 20 minutes. You will see how a dull face has turned into a fresh rejuvenated face.

Light up your eye bags

Gloomy look, tiresome face, eyebags of valak can all be changed through the effectiveness of elements present in the natural turmeric.

Studies have revealed that the use of turmeric oil when formulated along with lotion can provide long-lasting results if used for at least 3 weeks. This happens when the elements in the turmeric work together to strengthen the functioning of our body, to stop our skin from depletion and save them from any further damage. There are a lot of products available in the market that claim to serve your eye bag lightening. Trust me, most of them do not work as effective as turmeric.

Since turmeric’s intervention can help in improving the blood circulation,  then dark circles caused by poor blood supply can be lightened after turmeric will wipe off dead cells.

Let’s discuss a few benefits of Turmeric

  • Treat the skin threat

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features of turmeric are something indescribable. With these properties, turmeric can cure skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

To reduce any further difficulties, you can mix turmeric with honey in equal portion and apply it on the irritated skin to calm down its severance. This will cool down the irritable situation and you will be at peace.

  • Drain out acne

Acne problems are disastrous and are considered as one of the most common conditions that are visible as blackheads or whiteheads. Acne keeps your face look weird when people stare at you. So much of acne is irritable and sometimes painful when the blister erupts. Since turmeric is a natural antiseptic you need not worry at all. It will gradually clear the redness on your face and swollen look will vanish away. An effective solution to acne relief is by mixing apple cider vinegar with turmeric. Since turmeric is good at healing, there will be a quick relief from the irritable condition.

Turmeric has both anti-inflammatories as well as antibacterial properties. A bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes is the main culprit that causes the formation of acne. Usually treated with antibiotics, but are being less effective due to drug resistance.

Studies have proved that curcumin and the lauric acid combination will help defend the body to fight acne-causing bacteria. But a combination with ingredients like honey, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt or aloe vera will be suggested. Turmeric essential oils are also available to buy from a store near you. We must also know that essential oil is not for swallowing

  • Old acne scars will be gone

Living with a scar of the previous acne is terrible and getting it out of your life will be very difficult. With turmeric having components that are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, you can gradually lighten any scar. You will have very expensive products available to buy on Amazon or in a store near you, but not sure if the scars will leave you. The curcumin is powerful that it restricts the excess production of melanin which is not needed for the body.

  • No damage from the sun’s rays

UV rays are considered very problematic as they cause sunburn, skin cancer, lines, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Turmeric can help u solve and protect from direct sunlight

Turmeric has the most effective components that work together to eradicate any damage caused to the skin. The elements will help your remove brown patches or spots caused by sunburn. The elasticity of the skin will be gone when prolonged exposure to the UV rays emitted from the sun.

Benefits of skin

It is also recommended to apply on the exposing area or can use it internally. For best results, mix turmeric with honey and apply on the face to rinse it later with water.

  • Wrinkles

Wrinkles are common when you grow older. Some people don’t have to be old enough to have stretch marks on their body. Complete healing is very difficult but can lighten the way it is seen. The antioxidants present in the turmeric penetrates beneath the skin and solves its functionality.

  • Reduce Stretch marks

Stretch marks do not have any age limitations for it to come to us. It is not the cause of an underlying disease. Causes of a stretch mark include pregnancy, obesity, abnormal weight gain, growth spurts among teens, side effects caused through medications, or a sudden surge in muscle mass through weight lifting. The antioxidants present in the turmeric will do the next task of solving your stretch marks problem by lightening the thickness of the stretch lines.

  • Dry skin hydrant

Turmeric can revitalize skin by removing atrocious substances that are toxic. It hydrates the skin deeply and you will never have a hard time with skin dryness.  Dead skin will be removed regenerating for better skin. It also protects the skin from any further damage. Adding turmeric to your tea or diet will do good.

  • Scalp it

The scalp can be considered as a part of our skin. We usually have more dryness, and then the itching starts. This is done by dandruff caused by dryness. With the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory features, your scalp will never be dry again and it smoothens your hair follicles that prevents any further dryness.

  • Wound healer

Wounds can be small or large, depending upon how big the impact we were involved in. Turmeric is the best ingredient to dry up your wound faster than any other ingredient or spice.

Curcumin is a wonderful element present in the turmeric that will help us heal wounds faster than ever. It will also lower your body to feel the irritation caused by the wound by lowering the oxidation.

  • Remove hair growth

This is a tricky fact,  but when considered gender-wise, it is an advantage for females and a disadvantage for men. Women who have facial hair growing thick and fast,  applying turmeric past regularly will slow down the growth of hair on their face. Over growing hair problem can be solved through this method. Waxing can be avoided and instead apply the turmeric oil or paste to those skin parts where hair needs to be cleared.

  • Soothing psoriasis

During this condition, our body will have a good defence mechanism through turmeric usage. Inflammation causes skin cells to multiply one above the other, like a double-decker. This creates scale-like patches that are to be taken utmost care.  These patches are highly sensitive and a minute scratch will crack open the scales but are prone to bleeding and bursting out.

Curcumin is the active component that has anti-inflammatory enzymes that can improve cell production and also reduce skin patches. Studies show that curcumin can help and reduce symptoms of plaque psoriasis in 12 weeks. Turmeric also slows down the situation of Antioxidants and protect our body from free radicals. Thus your skin will be soft and smooth. Turmeric also blocks an enzyme that attacks the substance that structures the skin.

  • Treats scabies

A disease caused by mites that shelter beneath our skin. It must be treated before it starts laying eggs under our skin. It will start itching and rash-like irritation on the skin. Turmeric is the ultimate solution to solve this mysterious problem. In a study, it was found that a combination of neem and turmeric can cure this disease.

  • Treating Scleroderma

A condition in which the immune system attacks tissues that end up in scarring. It happens beneath the skin, around internal organs and also blood vessels. Curcumins effects help regulate the effects of the condition and keep it normal

  • Clearing Vitiligo

In this condition., the skin gets depigmented that will result in white patches to appear. Curcumin saves the body from oxidative stress at the cells of the skin.


Now, turmeric and its importance are understood very well that it would be a  sure shot to be included in our daily diet. It is regarded as the most effective spice and the most tested spice. It is meant to help fight conditions like eczema, alopecia, lichen planus, scleroderma, psoriasis and scabies. These discoveries have forced to conduct more tests to reveal the hidden benefits.

Like a coin has two sides, there is a good side and a bad side. We must be careful about the dosage we take in while treating our skin problems. You might know how it reacts to your body if there is medication taken on other issues. As turmeric has a low bioavailability, the body does not absorb much of it. We must also consider the fact that too much turmeric is not recommended. The body will be reacting differently. For some, the spice will have allergic impact resulting in redness, irritation or swelling.


  • If you are not allergic then there is no worry using it. Try applying it and seeing the results.
  • If there is a burning sensation, itchy or other irritability then clean that applied area and quit using the program.
  • If under medication, the spice will let us bleed faster.
  • A higher dosage of turmeric will result in digestion problems, nausea, diarrhoea and headaches.
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