Welcome to Think and Thin Tapping System review. Ladies, for all of you fighting a losing battle with constant cravings and binge-eating, here is a fact: It all starts in the mind. You read it right! All the extra pounds you put on because you can’t stay away from overeating has a deep-rooted connection with how your brain thinks about food.

That’s what we discovered from the Think and Thin Tapping System by Brittany Watkins.

Think and Thin Tapping System Review – Resolve Long-Term Issues With Binge-Eating And Food Cravings!

Think and Thin Tapping System is an online program comprising audio and video modules that help to reprogram your mind to learn how to resist food cravings. Keep reading this Think and Thin Tapping System review to find out more.

All those times when you just can’t stay away from food, no matter how full you are, can be described as food cravings. This happens because your brain gives signals to your body to continue eating. In the Think and Thin Tapping for weight loss book, Brittany describes this as a constant ‘battle’ between your body and your mind, leading you to eat more and put on weight.

Think and Thin Tapping System review

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Author Brittany Watkins
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What Causes Food Cravings?

Food cravings typically occur due to certain triggers. Let us discuss them below:

  • Childhood memories: Your mind associates certain memories of food with positive feelings that you resorted to since a child. Go back to the desserts and pizzas you binged on to escape any sad, angry or negative emotion and you will know what we mean.
  • Limiting beliefs: Any belief you hold about yourself, your family and friends or the world in general that makes you give in to food cravings.
  • Will power: This is, of course, a no-brainer but perhaps one of the most difficult to achieve, which is what the Think and Thin Tapping program help you learn.

About Think and Thin Tapping System

As we briefly mentioned in the earlier part of this Think and Thin Tapping System review, it is an online program designed to help you overcome emotional eating by addressing the root causes or triggers. The program helps to rewire your brain to change its approach towards negative patterns around food that you have developed over the years.

Using a wide range of techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), shamanic soul retrieval, inner child work, and energy healing, the program gently heals your brain and inner chakra to cure your food issues permanently.

Features of Think and Thin Tapping System

The Think and Thin Tapping System Brittany Watkins contains 6 distinctive modules to help you reprogram your brain and address the issue of food cravings. Here is a glimpse into the modules:

  • Mind associations – How to cure all the various kinds of associations that your mind has with food using methods like finger-tapping, morning-tapping, and ball of light exercise.
  •  Will power – Build will power to say no to cravings with techniques like chakra healing.
  • Mind reprogramming – Work on the neural pathways using guided meditations.
  •  Eating according to your capacity – Learn to understand your portion sizes.
  •  Curbing the fear of sexual attention – Even if you lose weight and look amazing, you can learn how to handle unwanted sexual attention using certain tactics.
  •  Lettuce dinners – Learn to eat lettuce for dinner in different ways and still feel full.

Think and Thin Tapping Book Creator

Brittany Watkins, renowned health and fitness professional with years of experience is the creator of this program and the author of the Think and Thin Tapping book. As someone who has personally faced an unhealthy relationship with food in her life, Brittany understands the psychological angle of women going through food cravings very well. She uses unconventional methods like mind control and chakra healing to help her clients lose weight by eating healthy. According to numerous Think and Thin Tapping System reviews, women have benefitted greatly from her advice.

Brittany Watkins

Pros and Cons of Think and Thin Tapping Program


Realistic: The program strips away the guilt associated with binge-eating and takes a realistic look at the problem, explaining the root cause.

Community: The entire Think and Thin Tapping Brittany Watkins is based on building a community of women online who have faced emotional eating issues and have come together through this program to support each other.

Simple: The methods demonstrated in the book and the Think and Thin Tapping pdf are easy to follow. You just need to plug into a series of Think and Thin Tapping mp3 tracks and audio lessons that come with the program.


Unconventional: If you begin with a skeptical mindset about the unconventional methods of the program, you won’t progress much.

Online: You can only order the program on the official website.

Think and Thin Tapping program before after

How Does Think and Thin Tapping PDF Work?

The entire premise of the Think and Thin Tapping program is based on reprogramming your mind using a variety of techniques so that you begin to develop healthy eating habits and resist food cravings, thereby helping you attain a beautiful body.

According to Think and Thin Tapping system review, this program comes with a series of audio and video modules that you need to tune in to on a regular basis. The guided meditations and Think and Thin Tapping audio tracks are designed to work on your subconscious using the power of sounds and words.

How Will You Learn To Think And Thin Tapping Audio?

Once you purchaseThink and Thin Tapping program, you will automatically get the option to download the Think and Thin Tapping pdf and the audio-video modules along with it. In this Think and Thin Tapping System review You will also be provided access to the Think and Thin Tapping community where you will receive more updates and tips including membership to a community of women who help each other.

Who Is The Think And Thin Tapping MP3 For?

In keeping with Think and Thin Tapping System review, this program is for any woman who is looking to resolve her long-term issues with binge-eating and food cravings. It is for women who have tried every solution possible but just can’t find a way to beat their food temptations.

Think and Thin Tapping System Bonuses:

When you purchase the program, these are the bonus guides and tracks you will receive:

  1. Action sheets: Keep a check on your progress with weekly action sheets.
  2. Agenda sheets: Write your own goals.
  3. Audio-visual learning: Weekly guides and lessons with a step-by-step approach to solving binge-eating.
  4. Community: The support from the community we mentioned earlier in this Think and Thin Tapping System review.
  5. Echo Tapping Binge Eliminator: Powerful audio lessons based on Echo Tapping to stop food cravings.
  6. Naturally Thin Eating Plan: How to eat your favorite foods without gaining weight.
  7. Bonus Download: 300 limiting beliefs worksheet to track how much you’ve progressed.
  8. Support: Access to the members-only portal and private Facebook group.

Think and Thin Tapping customer reviews


Now I concluded Think and Thin Tapping System reviews.Throughout the years, women have faced shame and guilt over the issue of emotional eating. They blame themselves and try to resist the temptation but whatever method they follow doesn’t work. This is only because none of the methods or diet plans are designed to address the psychological causes of the issue. This is where we think the Think and Thin Tapping System by Brittany Watkins is a breath of fresh air.

It delves deep into all the aspects that lead your brain to give in to food cravings and then gently guides you towards resolving them using a range of unusual techniques. These carefully researched techniques comprise Think and Thin Tapping mp3 tracks and Think and Thin Tapping audio lessons, including regular tips and updates.

The best part is, you just need to plug to the course material using your headphones, and your subconscious absorbs the lessons on its own. Compared to all the inconvenient and expensive solutions out there, this is easy and hassle-free. Going by the hundreds of positive Think and Thin Tapping System reviews, it has achieved quite a bit of popularity among women too. In our honest opinion, these are all positive signs to give this program a try, especially when nothing else seems to be working. What do you think?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Think and Thin Tapping?

This is a program designed to solve the issue of emotional eating among women, which makes them overeat and therefore put on extra weight. The program helps to rewire your brain’s approach towards food and develop healthy eating patterns.

What is good about it?

Firstly, it explains why you overeat and address your emotional triggers. Secondly, it uses unique methods to treat these triggers. Finally, it doesn’t deprive you of eating.

How do I buy it?

You can order the program at the official website and download the pdf version along with the tracks immediately.

Does it work?

Hundreds of women have benefitted from the program according to their reviews. However, it is always good to test it yourself.

What if I have questions?

You can always reach out to the private Facebook group or the online support community to resolve your queries.



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