Welcome to the most unbiased Survival Sanctuary review. Even in this advanced world, many people still long for basic needs to survive.

Survival Sanctuary Review: Everything You Need to Make Your Home Self-Reliant!

The survival sanctuary program by James Miller and Lex Andrews is a perfect guide with simple methods to grow and preserve foods, generate your electricity and to produce freshwater and many more survival hacks. Also, this book explains the air conditioning alternative in a fast and efficient way. Let’s look into every detail of this program in Survival sanctuary review.

survival sanctuary review

Product Title Survival Sanctuary
Language English
Author James Miller and Lex Andrews
Category Survival Guide
Price $37 
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About Survival Sanctuary Guide

Survival Sanctuary system is a do it by yourself program and it is user friendly for beginners. It includes easy and simple instructions, blueprints, and examples to grow food, generates electricity, and gets fresh water which even made me do work in just a few minutes. All the illustrations given in this program are tried and tested so it is completely trustable. Indeed, it is very simple to create and easy to repair. The system includes the following, mentioned below in the Survival Sanctuary review:

  • Improvised sources of power, like windmills and waterwheels
  • Food gardens
  • Food preservation and storage options
  • Water well and rain collection systems
  • A makeshift crossbow

Advantages of Survival Sanctuary eBook

  1. Simple: It made me learn and implement quickly. Also, I was able to fix things by myself. I learned secret methods of generating electricity, grow food, and produce freshwater during the crisis period.
  2. Reliable: Simple design makes the project easy understandable.
  3. Cheap: As the design of the projects is simply the components required are inexpensive and also you can purchase them in all the hardware shops nearby.
  4. Extensive: Survival Sanctuary review says that It includes all the essentials in a detailed manner. It features all the fundamentals.
  5. Survival Sanctuary eBook: From the used car parts unlimited electricity can be generated, they are explained in four secret methods in detail.

Survival Sanctuary Pros and Cons PDF

There are many advantages and disadvantages that one can have from Survival Sanctuary review, few of which to mention are as follows


  • Easy, simple, and cheap. It is a DIY program.
  • Survival Sanctuary is a handy product so it can be carried out anywhere.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Pictures and diagrams are included which makes us understand easily.
  • It is a one-time payment method. There is no subscription or monthly fees to be paid
  • Also, the bonus is given to us to access.


  • Survival sanctuary is a digital product
  • Results may vary from person to person
  • It will make the process complicated until you understand them properly.

What did you learn from this Survival Sanctuary system?

  • Survival Sanctuary program made me learn more secrets to profit myself
  • Guided me to grow my food in the available spaces and to preserve and store them for a long time.
  • Indeed, I learned to create my natural air conditioning
  • As mentioned earlier in Survival Sanctuary review It instructs on how to generate electricity from available things and to consume them.
  • I was able to produce freshwater by following the guide on how to collect and store freshwater.

About the Survival Sanctuary Creator

James the creator of survival sanctuary states that the “most ambitious” of the projects that his father took on was a log cabin, which he built himself as a way to survive himself and others from military invasion. James brings out his family secrets to the public as well in Survival Sanctuary to help others.

Even though his father has found ways to create his electricity, his water supply, and his preservation techniques for food; all of these options follow the S.C.A.R.R. simple, cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable principle that his father followed.

How Survival Sanctuary Program Works?

Survival Sanctuary is a detailed guide that will give you 25 projects to do and tested off-grid ventures, adopting the concept of S.C.A.R.R. There are seven chapters at Survival Sanctuary System, let’s check out each chapter below in this Survival Sanctuary review. 

  • Chapter 1

In the first chapter, I learned how to quickly create my home generator from recycled car parts. Other alternatives are fine to have. The book also explained to me how to create a windmill, a watermill, and a solar power device for my home.

  • Chapter 2

The second chapter is about creating own milk. It can be done in any available space — in bed, patio, or even on a rooftop.

  • Chapter 3

This was my favorite part, I learned how to protect and prepare my food. Mainstream dehydrators, ice driers, freezers, or fridges are not used. I made my models of those apps.

  • Chapter 4

The wondering moment was when creating my air conditioning device, based on the ancient water and terracotta concept.

  •  Chapter 5

During a catastrophe or while living off-grid it is necessary to gather and store own water. Building designs for a water well, rainwater collection network, bio-sand filter, cistern, pipe network, and hydraulic ram pump were included for this purpose. 

  • Chapter 6

James Miller and Lex Andrews will explain to you how to set up your radio and ensure you keep informed. 

  • Chapter 7

The program can also guide on how to create own traps and guns. In this case, one may learn how to make a flamethrower, a crossbow, or even a tripwire trap. 

Is it a Simple and Effective guide to you?

Survival Sanctuary is very simple and handy to carry anywhere and also it is explained with all the fundamentals. It has 25 easy and does by yourself projects explained with pictures and illustrations. This gives you effective output when done properly, the main highlight is all the projects are tried and tested. I was satisfied to the fullest after completing each project.

Survival Sanctuary Bonuses

survival sanctuary bonus

You will get three free bonuses along with this Survival Sanctuary program.

  • The Shoe Box Garden

The Shoe Box Garden discusses how to ensure that consumers keep up a steady food supply with limited space. A steady stream of independently grown food is an essential component of off-the-grid living.

  • My American Castle

My American Castle is meant to be entertaining and informative. It includes details for protecting a home from being burglarized or ultimately damaged. It also includes information on creating traps to deter invasions.

  • The Home Energy Rescue

The Home Energy Rescue Plan shows consumers how to store electricity and what batteries are best for survival situations. This guide is especially important for consumers who are concerned that they may lose access to government power in the case of an emergency.


Coming to the end of Survival Sanctuary review, Survival Sanctuary can be highly recommended because there is nothing to lose in this. Survival Sanctuary Free Download is a blind choice for anyone who is looking for a household that wants to be more self-sufficient. The projects are completely safe and easily understandable to set up, and anyone can do it by themselves once they get to know it.

The cost of the guide is affordable and also has 60 days money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to go for a second choice. I loved the experience of making own useful survival hacks. People who suffer from basic needs should try this to get improvised food and water and electricity. I hope this Survival Sanctuary review has given you all the complete details of this program to be known.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions about Survival Sanctuary are:

What is the S.C.A.R.R. principle?

S.C.A.R.R. stands for Simple, Cheap, Adaptable, Resilient, and Reliable. This principle accounts for the five qualities that every sustainability project should have; every project in the Survival Sanctuary guide strives to be simple, cheap, adaptable, resilient, and reliable.

Are these designs safe?

Yes. James states in the advertisement that the has worked Mark Johnson, a survival instructor, to build all of the devices and structures described in the guide. All of the structures have been verified for safety and all are tried and tested. So you can use it without any doubt.

Are the required supplies expensive?

Not at all, the highlight of this guide is the fact that many of the projects come from materials that are easy to procure and are made with basic tools that would be in any home. As always, the components required in this guide should be cheap and resilient.

Are there bonus items in Survival Sanctuary?

Consumers will also get three bonus guides: The Shoe Box Garden, My American Castle, and the Home Energy Rescue Plan. All of the guides are available for free with the purchase of Survival Sanctuary.

How do you buy Survival Sanctuary?

Survival Sanctuary can only be purchased from the official website. You can go to the official page to purchase the product and only one-time payment is done, no subscription or monthly payment needed, and also you are provided with three bonus package.

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