“A match made in heaven” is just a saying but that doesn’t mean every relationship is going to be smooth.

Women dream of spending their life with a righteous man and wished if it was easier to get attention and slip in to their mind. How great would it be to have an eternal relationship that is scintillating than a diamond?

I wouldn’t utter any word about the whole ‘match made in heaven’ concept , but it would be a kind gesture if you could go through my Rewind Your Romance Review and see if it will be worth enough for you. So get a know how about the review and decide it for yourself whether you need to follow what your heart says.

Rewind Your Romance Review: Does This Guide Really Help You To Get Your Ex Back?

If you have heard of the famous dating coach and bestselling author Samantha Sanderson, then her Rewind Your Romance book is what we are talking about after converting it into a digital format. The Ebook has helped many women add spark to their life by building an intense relationship with their partner. With the program, you will learn techniques like re-attraction, mind-control, communication, and a highly effective tactic called the ‘Negative Emotion Neutralizer’ that teach your man to treasure you more than ever before.

The Rewind Your Romance program was recreated by a woman called Tammy Duckworth’s after her romantic failure that led to a desperate search for a solution. She converted ‘Rewind your Romance’  by Samantha Anderson book that she then converted into an online program with the authors help. In this Rewind Your Romance review, you get  an overview of the program, its pros, and cons, and also if the program is to work well for you.

Rewind your romance review

Product Title Rewind Your Romance
Language English
Author Samantha Sanderson
Category Relationship
Price $47
Official Website Click Here

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Features of Rewind Your Romance Book

The Rewind Your Romance pdf is a worth trusting  program that also includes three bonus guides  that you get when you be a member of the program. It contains the full course-material of Samantha Sanderson’s ‘Rewind your Romance’ book.

Glancing through the Rewind Your Romance Review, the program has been discrete and has been exceptionally working for many  with the help of  comprehensive methods disclosed about how romancing can be done. You can be relieved that this standout program has been worth a try and spending your time and efforts to follow the tips and tricks will give you a better idea about what you have to do and what you have to ignore. Some of these are: The “Instant Icebreaker Technique”, The “Cycle of Resentment”, Avoiding the 7 deadly mistakes after break-up, Flip his “Romantic Obsession Switch”, Reach out and Re-spark, The Push/Pull Re-Attraction System, The Love Lure, Sexification Upgrade, Re-establishing trust, passion, and undying loyalty, The Rebound Turnaround, The Sneaky Test Cheat Sheet and How to instantly hit the Reset button.

The three bonuses that we mentioned earlier comes in the form of guides called the Negative Emotion Neutralizer, Astrology Romance Secrets and Facebook Relationship Rewind. Once you purchase the program, you can get instant access to the Rewind Your Romance free download which you can immediately download on your smartphone and start using.

Pros and Cons of Rewind Your Romance Program


  • Ease to use: The Rewind Your Romance pdf download program is simple to read and understand you can get immediate access and follow the program right away.
  • Varieties of methods:  The program is packed with an array of different methods and techniques that you can choose from based on your relationship needs.
  • Tried and tested: The program was penned by Tammy who tested herself the methods from Samantha Sanderson’s Rewind Your Romance book and realized that the program really works.
  • Rooted in reality: The solutions advised in the program will teach you to have a better understanding of human minds, and learn about the contrasting approach to love in men and women.
  • Money-back guarantee: The program comes with a 100% fully refundable money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • Available only in digital format: This is an online program so you need to have access to the internet to purchase it.
  • Price: The original sale price of the program is a little high, for which you have to take advantage of the offers and discounts.
  • Involves effort: The program requires a lot of efforts and commitment and a woman’s part in communicating with her man correctly is a key. So responding in the right  manner and igniting the desired reactions is essential.

Advantages of Rewind Your Romance PDF

One of the key advantages of the Rewind Your Romance guide is that it breaks down relationship problems into a number of situations that women commonly face. If you are a woman who is tired of the silent treatment for men, then the ‘Instant Icebreaker Tactic’ will come handy. Even if you have broken up and your man is already in another relationship, the ‘Rebound Turnaround’ method will help you win him back, and so on.

Secondly, the program has long-term benefits. The Rewind Your Romance free pdf that now resides in your phone becomes your handbook that you can continue referring to, even after you have succeeded in your mission of getting your ex back. The tips and tricks from Samantha Sanderson’s ‘Rewind Your Romance book’ becomes your ‘superpowers’ as Tammy calls them, to continue enhancing the intimacy in your relationship.

Last but not the least, as we discovered during this review, the program works wonders in rebuilding a woman’s self-esteem that was ebbing due to her man’s indifferent attitude towards her. Most of the Rewind Your Romance reviews that we came across various platforms including Rewind Your Romance Reddit sessions depict women who have regained their confidence once they have used the program.

Rewind Your Romance Book Creator

One day Tammy returned home to realize that the love of her life Jason had left her. As her life began undergoing a downward spiral, Tammy was saved in the nick of time by the teachings in Samantha Sanderson’s ‘Rewind your Romance’ book. From whatever ‘Rewind your Romance’ book review she read, Tammy found that many women had benefitted from personal sessions with Samantha.

However, to Tammy’s disappointment, the sessions were expensive and out of reach for women like her. That’s when it struck Tammy to make Samantha’s wisdom and lessons more accessible, with the latter’s guidance. She even convinced Samantha to bring down the price of the program.

Samanda Sanderson

Why Rewind Your Romance Program is Useful?

Women in the Rewind Your Romance reviews unanimously agree that the program indeed revives the romance in relationships. The guide does what it promises- it helps women work through all the issues that they are facing with the men through their lives and provide the perfect solutions.

It changes the way your man begins seeing you as if he was getting to know you for the first time! The tingling sense of excitement and the first flush of romance that was lost begin to emerge again. Your man begins finding you irresistible and treats you like the goddess you are.

The program is also useful in how it changes your perspective and approach towards your relationship. All the wrong moves you had been making, all the various ways in which you were sabotaging your own relationship, and all the incorrect advice you were following are now replaced by a program that offers you solutions that really work.

Rewind your romance customer reviews

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While working on this Rewind Your Romance review, we found out that it has quite a few things in its favor compared to a lot of websites offering relationship advice. Most of the advice on this subject center around the same old tips and tricks. What Samantha Sanderson’s ‘Rewind your Romance’ book and the Rewind Your Romance free pdf that comes with the digital program do, is approach relationships from a space of understanding how the brains of men and women are wired, and how they think, behave and act when they are in love.

Also impressive is how the program is packaged. Not many relationship advice sites have such a list of features that this program does, which we have discussed in the review. The three bonuses are a big plus. So the 24/7 customer support team that is there to address your queries. All this goes to show that the creators went through a lot of effort to put together this program, which speaks volumes about their intentions.

Your relationship is an important part of your life. There is nothing more distressing than seeing it fall apart. In such a context, the Rewind Your Romance program is a small price to pay if it can bring your soulmate back to you. Besides, you can always get your refund through the money-back feature, if you feel it isn’t working for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rewind Your Romance?

Rewind Your Romance is a book by dating coach and best-selling author Samantha Sanderson, based on which the digital program has been designed.

What is the price of Rewind Your Romance program?

Rewind Your Romance comes at quite a high price of $1391 including the guide and the three bonuses. However, the promo price on the website brings it down to a very low price along with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What can I expect from the Rewind Your Romance program?

The program is designed to help women win back the love of their life. It reignites the magic of romance and strengthens a relationship.

Does Rewind Your Romance book really work?

Rewind Your Romance reviews on the internet prove that a lot of women have benefitted from it. The testimonies and stories are for all to read, and you can then decide if it is for you.

How Rewind Your Romance pdf is different from other programs?

This is a detailed program that analyses your relationship from all possible angles. The solutions are based on a combination of tried and tested techniques.

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