Here is my Reading Head Start Review. The modern-day conventional education system is actually old in its methodologies. This is the reason why many kids drop out or underperform throughout their school lives. The statistics show that the dropout rate in the USA alone touches almost 66% every year.

Today, the children are unable to develop even the basic reading skills which are actually the stepping stones to mastering the complex subjects and theories that they would encounter later in their curriculum. It seems no fitting solution exists to this grave problem or does it?

Reading Head Start Review – A Best Online Learning Tool To Master Reading Skills?

Reading Head Start program is an innovative approach to solve all the problems created by the inefficiencies of the modern-day education system. The creators of the program have meticulously analyzed the shortcomings of traditional ways of teaching a child how to read. The creators of this program did not just stop there; they have even blended the child psychology angle to this program. Every child is special and unique.

The teachers and parents need to understand that when a child starts its journey towards learning the consonants, vowels, words, etc., it is very challenging for him or her. This is where a good cognizance about what is going inside a child’s mind is very crucial. Reading Head Start program review shows that the creators have intelligently stitched all these puzzles together and have offered the finest solution to master the reading skills.

Reading Head Start review

Reading Head Start program is an innovative approach to solve all the problems created by the inefficiencies of the modern-day education system. The program has meticulously analyzed the shortcomings of traditional ways of teaching a child how to read.

Product Title Reading Head Start
Language English
Creator Sarah Shepard
Category Online Reading Course
Main Benefits Help a child learn the art of reading fast.
Price $1
Money-Back Guarantee 365 days
Official Website Click Here

About Reading Head Start program

Reading Head Start is an online program designed to help a child master the art of reading effectively. There are 4 Modules in this online program that are specifically developed to expedite the child’s reading capabilities. The program is smartly curated for children between the ages group of 1 to 9. The content and structure of the program are very different from what is available anywhere else.

The program concentrates on bringing the fun element to everything that a child needs to be taught. Reading Head Start program is a game-changer in the field of English teaching.

Reading Head Start Creator

Reading Head Start is a work of meticulous planning. It completely focuses on helping a child learn the art of reading faster. Sarah Shepard, an English teacher who has been in this profession for the last 14 years realized the need to create a learning program when her own 6-year-old child was facing difficulties in trying to read properly.

This motivated her to get to the route cause of the failure of the modern-day education system. Reading Head Start review reveals that she has been 100% successful in developing a perfect learning system for children. It is her efforts only that the program has helped over 30,000 children so far.

How does Reading Head Start pdf help your child?

It is a well-known fact that the success of a person significantly depends on the learning stockpiled during the first few years of life. The early years in a child’s life are very crucial in shaping its future. There is an urgent need for a system that does justice to the smart young minds.

While the schools are still teaching A for Apple and B for Ball, which mostly goes over the head of a child initially, this innovative program takes a unique approach that focuses more on the sounds that each letter makes and how that sound changes when particular letters are added or subtracted from a word. It only requires spending 15 minutes a day with the child and continue doing the same 3 times a week for a couple of weeks.

Here is one simple illustration of how the program works. To teach a simple word like “Dog” to a child who has just started speaking the traditional way is to first make him repeat “D for Dad”, “O for Orange”, “G for Goat” and then expect from him to say “DOG”. This process sounds very illogical and funny at the same time.

The correct way a child should be taught how to read is to first familiarize the child with the sounds of the letters. For “DOG” it should be like “Da”, “Oa”, and “Ga”. Once the child is comfortable in pronouncing these sounds, it becomes fairly easy to say the complete word. This is a simple example that tells about the constructive approach on which the program lays its fundamentals. A system like this gives a 100% guarantee of quick success.

Reading Head Start review explains that it is so easy that even a child as young as age 2 can start reading A, B, C, etc. The program builds the base first on phonetics then moves to more complex structures of word-formation. Reading Head Start reviews claim that it is so effective that it can even stop or reverse Dyslexia in children completely.


Pros and Cons of Reading Head Start program


  • A unique and never seen before the approach to teaching the child about letters, words, and sentence formation.
  • The child learns to focus on the phonetics part and builds the whole ecosystem of reading around it. This particular part is missing in the current school education system.
  • The program only demands 15 minutes a day, 3 days per week for a couple of weeks to master its teachings.
  • Reading Head Start program review by thousands of parents who have been benefited by the course bolsters the trust in this program.
  • One of the distinctive features of this program is that it has also given utmost importance to the child psychology part. After all, if it is unknown what a child thinks and wants; no system can work effectively.
  • Reading Head Start is backed by an iron-clad 365-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.
  • The program application is very light and easily runs on smartphones or computers (both Windows and Mac)
  • It has a very user-friendly interface and can be easily used by children of any age.


  • Reading Head Start can only be accessed with an active internet connection.
  • The program may not work for the child as desired if the parents cannot give time to the children in completing the modules together.

Price & Bonuses of Reading Head Start


Sarah Shepard has curated this program with the only goal to help each and every child on this planet. The benefits that it offers are priceless. The modern education system demands exorbitantly high fees that easily run into 1000’s of dollars plus the value that it adds to a child’s future is surprisingly low.

The impressive Reading Head Start program is available in 3 packages:

  • Monthly

The first one is a monthly package available at just $1 for a Trial period of 3 days. After that, it is only $37 every month. Also, if the parents feel the program is not helping their child the way it should then they are welcome to cancel the subscription at any time. The Free Reading Head Start trial option is what makes the program absolutely risk free investment choice.

  • Yearly

The most popular package amongst all, a single payment of only $197 can give access to Reading Head Start Program for a complete year. This package saves about $247 over the monthly package.

  • Lifetime

This is the best deal one can get for this amazing program. It gives unlimited access to the members on all the updates and features of the program. The package is very attractively priced at $297 which is at a 50% discount from its retail price.

It is worth mentioning here that all the three packages come with a 365-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

 Free Bonuses:

  • Incredible Reading shortcuts

This fun booklet, which packs clever shortcuts to expedite the learning curve, worth $47 is being offered at absolutely no cost along with the Reading Head Start program.

  • Fun With Words Book Series

A series of books that are designed to allure a child towards reading; every book offers something new and better. It is recommended in the Reading Head Start review that the series is valued at $67 but carries a 100% special discount.

  • Lifetime access to MyHeadStart members area

Reading Head Start program free access to the MyHeadStart members area is the cherry on the top. Reading Head Start login gives lifetime access to fun and interactive games and puzzles that are all designed towards improving the child’s reading capabilities.

Reading Head Start Free Download option gives the members the convenience of watching the videos and going over the Reading Head Start Pdf as and when they desire.

Does Reading Head Start work?

The Reading Head Start program’s free content, when used by children across various age groups, shows that it has the power to radically shift the future outcome of a child’s success in life.

Reading Head Start program comes with 4 modules and different difficulty levels. Individually, each module contains Easy Lean Reading Videos, Enjoyable Workbooks along with endless pages of fun games. Module 1 starts with lots of fun activities and by the time the child reaches Module 4, it starts reading even the complex words and sentences with ease.

In order to make the learning more appreciative work, after the child finishes each Module it is awarded a Reading Head Start Completion Certificate.

Yes, the Reading Head Start definitely works. It does not matter if the parents have tried various other ways to teach their children how to read. This program is unique and the approach that it takes promises 100% success. The positive Reading Head Start review by many thankful parents proves this fact.

reading head start reviews from parents

Reading Head Start reviews from Parents

Reading Head Start reviews from parents is very positive and encouraging. The exemplary work by Sarah Shepard is commendable and it does reflect in the members’ feedback. Some of the testimonials by the proud parents are worth mentioning.

  •  James & Lily, Chicago, Illinois

We love our daughter. She is a very smart and obedient child. She has a deep interest in books and prefers that we always tell her stories from her books. As she started growing up we encouraged her to read the stories to us but we felt something is not right. Even after having a great interest in books, she was not able to read properly. We gave her time as every child is unique but even after waiting for months, her reading skills had only marginally improved.

We were not sure what to do next. It was then when one of our friends suggested us to try the Reading Head Start program. Surprisingly, in just a few days our daughter showed remarkable progress. She could now read fast and fluently. She is in love with this fun-filled learning program. We thank Sarah Shepard for making our lives tension free through this wonderful program.

  • Sandra, San Jose, CA

My son has always had trouble with letters and words. He used to get embarrassed in front of his English teacher whenever she asked him to read. I could not see my child struggle at such a young age. His teacher asked me to spend extra time with him after school so that he could catch up with his friends. I tried a lot but it was not working. Luckily, one day I overheard someone in school talking about the benefits of the Reading Head Start program. I was skeptical in the beginning but then I thought why not give it a try. Today, I say with full conviction that it is because of this program my son has mastered the art of reading. He has earned his confidence back through this amazing learning tool. 

  • Maria, Nashville, Tennessee

I would like to personally thank Sarah Shepard for introducing me to the magical Reading Head Start program. To be honest, I was not sure if this system would work for my children. Both my children have an age gap of 4 years and teaching them through a common system seemed to be a little unfair. I was wrong though. I have only one Reading Head Start member login and could see that my children are independently completing various learning modules. Now I am very certain that this program actually works and is worth trying.


Reading Head Start program by Sarah Shepard is an excellent online learning tool. The current education system still uses century-old methods to the kids of the 21st century. Sarah Shepard’s program bypasses the traditional way of learning methodologies and uses its own tricks and hacks to ensure that a child receives the information in the correct manner. The program is built around the concepts of phonetics. Every letter, word, and sentence has a unique sound to it.

When a child precisely recognizes the sounds related to each letter it becomes very easy to read out the letters and the words. It also offers numerous fun-filled and interactive games that are designed to enhance the reading abilities of a child.

Finally, it can be concluded in the Reading Head Start review that Reading Head Start is a must-have program for the kids. It can be accessed for learning at any place and at any time of the day. Its worldwide success speaks for itself.

The program structure forces the parents to spend more time with their children this helps in sharpening their reading skills as well as building a strong bond between them. This is a scientifically proven program and if the child has just started reading out letters, or is falling behind in school grades, or feels underconfident while reading out in public then it is highly recommended to join this program and gift the child a perfect future. This investment will be 100% risk-free as the program offers a 365-day money-back guarantee.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many children can use Reading Head Start?

There is no limit to the number of users in this program. All the children in the family can access the program through the Reading Head Start login.

Can a child independently learn from the program or parents need to sit with them?

Although the program is very user-friendly and it can be effectively used by children who have never used any smart device before but it is advised that the parents spend time with children throughout the 4 modules for the program to ensure success.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes. The program offers 365-day no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee.

Is my credit card information safe after payment?

Yes. The card information is not shared with anyone personally as it undergoes a strong 128-bit encryption from the world's most trusted security companies like Verisign and Thawte.

Will this program work for my child?

Absolutely, the program has benefitted almost 30,000 children globally. If the program guidelines are strictly followed then it guarantees 100% success.

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