Here I am with Power Quadrant System review, which might sound a bit out of context and might even move forward calling it a hoax or thing of the past as it deals with determining the personal traits of an individual with the assistance of ancient calendar which was replaced in the Roman Period and was retrieved in the sixteenth century inside a box, which had “This box contains a calendar” scripted over it. It sounds a little ironic but it is what it is.

Power Quadrant System Review: Can This Program Help You To Achieve Success In Life?

The principle of this program is decoding the DNA and further analyzing it with the ancient calendar, the best-suited career option and love partner was determined for the individual. Ric and Liz initiated this program named Power Quadrant System book

and did research until 10 years and as soon as they were sure that electrical Power Quadrant System Reviews showed a positive result, they decided to spread it to most people they can make to make them choose a profession where their heart lies.

The pqs system with free rll club trial makes it the plan to not miss out on as you will get the initial access to the best video sessions from the top motivators in the market, or maybe in the world.

Power Quadrant System review

Product Title Power Quadrant System
Language English
Author Ric and Liz
Category Personal Development
Price $7
Official Website Click Here

What really is Power Quadrant System?

Power Quadrant System guide is based on the ancient calendar’s use for decoding of the DNA. Let’s discuss this in-depth in Power Quadrant System Review. In your later stages of this, deciding what profession you will be most successful, making the most money at or what traits are matching with your partner, what type of partner will affect your life the most, both negatively or positively. You will be able to know these kinds of predictions that have worked out for most of the people who took this program.

The calendar that this program uses to decode must be sounding old school but few reasons are quite reasonable, including the fact that in Julian calendar, October is the tenth month but has the word “Octo” in it which means eighth.

The principle behind the calendar was spiritual healing and it made an individual aware of his potential and how to harness the energy around him or her. There has been prevailing use of astrology in recent and this somewhat falls near it if not equal.

What is Included in Power Quadrant System?

Power Quadrant System book consists of a 53-minute audio track which will tell you every measure you will take to use the ancient calendar to find your best match, both in professional and personal life. The decoded code will also let you what people will morally back you and who will leave you empty-handed after causing unchangeable harm. In being precise, Power Quadrant System review will tell you how to use an ancient calendar secret to find your true calling.

The power quadrant system mp3 file bifurcates the different personalities based on a color system. It will help you to distinguish the people who can be constructive in your life and let you know of the destructive ones you need to side apart.

Additionally, a seven-page workbook comes with the 53-minute audio which you can use to keep records of everything you learn and apply from this course or the bonus membership. It will work as a Power Quadrant System guide for you after you have done with the program.

It will also be of use as you can decode the DNA of your child to make him or her do the thing, they found their heart in from an early stage of life. Wonder why there is not a power quadrant system book, because the audio file is powerful enough that you do not need any Power Quadrant System guide or Power Quadrant System Pdf to get assistance. There are a handful of bonuses that are being offered with this program.

Power Quadrant System Bonuses 

Real Life Legends Club Test Drive

It will let you get a FREE one month access to Real Life Legends club where you will get to access numerous interviews from the biggest names of the personal development industry.

The interviews will be from famous peoples like John Gray, Robert Kiyosaki who will eradicate the negative energy inside your mind and body and you will start to feel better about yourselves with an increased optimistic approach towards life.

The thing to remember is that you will get membership free for first and will be paying the charged amount from next month if you don’t want to cancel and I hope would not let go of this golden chance.

Books as Freebies

You will get two books, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” which is a personality developer by Gerald Jampolsky and the other is “Action Blueprint” which is more of a planner.

Power Quadrant System Creator

As we discussed Ric and Liz, they got to know about the Ancient Calendar from an old lady, they later found that Ancient Calendar which was engraved in a tablet till the Sixteenth Century.

Being in an extremely unstable financial situation with their company on the verge of collapsing, they tried to have a shot at this situation and guess what they found results with everything coming back to normal as usual and much better than the normal.

As far as this program is concerned, we don’t know who used to have it possession pre-Julian era but what we know is that Ric and Liz researched on it for nearly ten years, to look out if this is true that our ancestors used it to find the purpose of our life and likewise they made many people used it and all of them were convinced with some of its predictions if not the all.

Power Quadrant System Creators Ric and Liz

Pros and Cons of Power Quadrant System


  • Power Quadrant System review assists the individual in harnessing energy around him.
  • It makes the person succeed in life.
  • The pocket-friendly price tag of the program.
  • Power Quadrant System book comes with inclusive bonuses.


  • No scientific proof lessens the effectiveness of the program.
  • An extremely low price can raise questions on the quality of the program.

Power Quadrant System Price

Ric and Liz had the goal of spreading this formula to as many people as they can and keeping that in mind, they put up an extremely low price tag of $7.

Power Quadrant System reviews have been mixed because of the low price tag which made most people wonder that it makes no sense to real-life events which is why it is cheap but NO, the Real Life Legend membership which is gifted might be a way to welcome maximum people for their membership and be equally benefiting for both the domain.

The program is priced at $7 for a limited time and will face a rise in price depending on the demand. It is better if you get it as soon as possible. It comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you barely get any result from it. Ric and Liz have been so glued to their words that they even provided a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee at such a meager price.

Every other program of this kind is somewhat priced near 50 dollars but such a price is shocking for the user at first with the freebies which are a quality membership and a couple of bests selling books.  It is no scam and you are looking at what you are looking for, all you have to do is go to Power Quadrant System website, enter your E-mail and add the program to your cart and you are good to go.

Does Power Quadrant System Really Work?

I did try the program and few of the things made no sense to my life but yes, it did work solving my relationship issues and it has worked for most of my friends resolving their professional and personal problems both.

As an individual voice among all the persons in my friend circle who tried this program whoever among all the other Netizens reads this Power Quadrant System review.

Even though there is no scientific evidence about the calendar that this audio-based program is based on, it did turn out to help others which are quite baffling for all of us.


The Power Quadrant system guide which constitutes of a 53-minute audio with a workbook and freebies including RLL Membership worth $19 and couple of books falling in the genre of Self-Development and Planning, which generally cost $15 combined is given at a throw-away price of $7, yes S-E-V-E-N dollars is quite a mystery in itself. It is a steal deal.

Concluding the program, it is worth trying as you are only going to better up yourself with the help of this program. Even if you do not believe in astrology or predictions relation things but you should try it for the sake of content you are being awarded for the price of peanuts. Nonetheless, if you are still wondering about outcomes from the program, then why would Ric and Liz even think about giving 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to their customers?

Signing off from this Power Quadrant System review, I recommend you to head to the Power Quadrant System website and get this before the prices are hiked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Quadrant System?

The power quadrant system is a step-by-step program that helps you to identify the natural purpose of your life. Also, it helps to identify the special codes which can help you to make the smartest decision in your life.

How does this program work?

When you hear the 53 minutes of the soundtrack tips you will get to know about your career and everything you need to do to change everything that is happening right now.

Is Power Quadrant System pdf worth downloading?

This program helps you to find out what you are interested in and what you do not like. Also, it is well researched, tested and proven to work.

Is there any scientific proof behind any of its claims?

There is no scientific proof behind any of its claims because all of its teachings and principles are solely based on an inscription of a calendar from a stone tablet.