Picking Donkeys Review is on a betting solution provider that can be a viable means towards lay betting gateway. People find it thrilling when they they bet on a person, a game may be a horse race  or a football match or what so ever it be. These bets are made when they foresee  a victory ahead. Some get lucky and others fall into the pit of loss. But have you heard of a betting made so that the team or person do not win in the race  he or they are participating? Sounds a bit strange albeit, but it is real. You will learn more about the solution when you read the whole review till the end.


Picking Donkeys Review: Does This Help To Become An Expert In Laying Bets?

Take Football match as an example,  a game between Chelsea and Liverpool will give you nail biting experience as both the teams are stacked with a strong line up ,even on the bench. Kepa’s disastrous spell has forced Mendy to earn a first team inclusion. Upon seeing the goalkeeper of Chelsea, you might be pretty confident about it losing to its opponent. In this case, you may lay a bet on Chelsea. If Chelsea does actually lose, you earn the backer’s bet and win the amount. The backer is the person who bet for Chelsea to win. However, if Chelsea wins, then you obviously lose your money. You wont be pushed to be part of the Picking Donkey Program, but shouldn’t you give it a try and read about the program till the end and know what it is all about and how you can benefit from its worth?


Picking Donkeys review

Program Title Picking Donkeys
Language English
Author Jim Sidebottom
Category Betting System
Price £20.00
Official Website Click Here

About Picking Donkeys Program

If you have grasped the idea of lay betting, and are thinking trying it out, then Picking Donkeys can be a great platform for you to try it out. But make sure you understand every step you take so will not have any sudden glitch of loss.

Picking Donkey’s site offers lay betting services to help you win your bets, almost every time. As per Picking Donkeys Review, Picking donkeys helps you lay bet on horses that are the least likely to win, hence referring them as donkeys.

If you are sitting idle at home with dire need of money, then lay betting is the perfect activity for you to take up. You do not require an academic degree or any kind of qualifications to put forward your assumptions. Sit at home sip coffee and make enormous profits on your lay bets.

Well, all of it might sound really simple and attractive. But the real deal is not as easy as it seems. For any kind of betting, you must have some prior experience. Also, for laying your bets on horses, you should have ample knowledge about the various types of horses, their strength and sprinting paces, and their racing rank. If you have never paid attention to all these before, then laying your bets randomly on horses might do more harm than good. You would certainly not want to lose the last few precious bucks of yours by misidentifying a hero horse as a foolish donkey.

Do not lose your hopes of earning money effortlessly just yet. That is because, with the help of Picking Donkey’s, you can easily lay your bets on the actual donkey of the race.

Benefits of Picking Donkeys System

Earning money is not boring anymore. With the help of Picking Donkeys amazing site, make profitable returns from watching exciting horseracing competitions. If you are a beginner at setting lay bets and are worried about losing your money, then do not be. With this program you do not require any experience in this area. By analyzing Picking Donkeys Review, An expert on lay betting, Jim Sidebottom, is there to help you win every bet. Start filling up your bank accounts which have been empty, since forever.

It is easier to put your bet on the horse that you think will lose, other than predicting the winner. Let’s say, you put your stakes at a horse. It might perform really well, but unfortunately, fail to be on top. It might secure second place for itself. If that is the case, then you lose your entire amount. However, you can be more confident while choosing a confirmed loser. You just have to pick any from the bottom, leaving the favorites of the match. Picking Donkeys increases your probability of winning.

Laying a bet has never been this easy before. With an expert like Jim by your side, you are sure to outshine and stun all the other people who place their bets backing the donkey. It is you who has the power to identify it.

It is a dream to sit at home and relax while making money at the same time. Imagine not having to travel to and from an office, meeting deadlines, and getting told off by your boss. It all seems unreal and impossible in real life. But with this program, you can make about £500 per month, without having to go through all such troubles. The impossible has been made very much possible for you all.

How Does Picking Donkeys Work?

All you have got to do is make a monthly subscription to Picking Donkeys Program. After subscribing to the program, lay betting service, you get an email from Jim regarding which horse is the best to lay your bet on. You simply follow the email and lay your bet on the horse that is least expected to win the race. Upon doing this, you are left with no additional work, other than sitting back and watching the high spirited match.

See your assumption come true and enjoy the thrilling horseracing matches. Place your bets regardless of your age and experience in such competitions. You do not have to skip special occasions or partying with your friends for the sake of earning and making a living through monotonous jobs. Make money in your youth by getting super cozy on your comfy couch.

What Does Picking Donkeys Betting Offer?

Picking Donkey’s literally helps you pick the donkey of the race. You earn smartly by using their services when some horseracing tournaments may continue  for more than one day. Thus, instead of waiting for several days for the winner to be announced, you get to lay your bets on the potential loser, which is revealed the earliest in any race. Therefore, if you are low on your budget but still want to bet, then you can easily do so without having your money stuck up for several days.

As per my Picking Donkeys Review, it is clear that you get instant access to your profits through the platform. By becoming a loyal user of Picking Donkeys site, you do not only make money but also start to become an expert in the field of lay betting. Jim Sidebottom passes on his profound betting skills to the users of Picking Donkeys.

After using Picking Donkeys site for several months, you can become an expert in laying your bets. You will not require anyone to help you further. Lay your bets on your own and keep the entire profit to yourself once you gain expertise in it.

Pros & Cons of Picking Donkeys Betting System


Picking Donkeys is a wonderful platform through which you can lay your bets. Check out the advantages of joining Picking Donkeys site:

  • Picking Donkeys platform is accessible by everyone in the world
  • The stakes you put forward are very cheap, which turn out to be highly profitable
  • Picking Donkey’s helps people of all sorts to lay their bets – both noobs and pros
  • It is safer to lay a bet instead of putting your stakes on the winner
  • Picking Donkey’s has more records of profits than losses
  • You get betting advice from Jim Sidebottom who is a professional
  • From subscribing to Picking Donkeys site to making profits, all of it can be done from the comfort of your homes
  • Gain access to a range of services like The Lay Analyst, Sequence Lay, and Premium Naps, upon your subscription to Picking Donkey’s
  • Learn lay betting strategies from a team of experts


Like everything has a good side, there is a bad side to it, here are a few drawbacks of Picking Donkeys:

  • You need a smart device to get access to Picking Donkeys platform
  • You can subscribe to Picking Donkeys site only through the use of an international credit card

What is the Initial Investment Picking Donkeys Betting?

You start betting with just £20 stakes and make profits around £500, with 20+ profit points.

The potential losses are not very high as the worst of the bets have a £60 loss only.

What Comes with Picking Donkeys System?

Apart from getting expert advice from professional tipsters, here are some additional benefits of subscribing to Picking Donkeys:

  • You get access to the famous Win Form Pro betting club. This impressive tipster service offers 56 profit points for you to claim.
  • Get introduced to another renowned tipster service called Strand Each Way. The betting advisers have an experience of 5+ years to help you win your lay bets. Picking Donkeys service presents you with fewer options, making it simpler for you to lay your bets. It uses a special strategy to assess all the bets, increasing your chances of winning.
  • You also get access to Picking Donkey’s Horse Racing Betting Tipster, providing you with 1-4 tips on a daily basis. In its first year in 2015, it had scored a massive 200 profit points. While the probability of winning is 5/8, its striking rate stands at 40%.

As all the places in Picking Donkey’s have been filled up for August, click the ‘Keep Updated’ button right now to book your slot for the coming September. You may not want to lose this magical opportunity of making high returns on your low stakes.

Is it Safe to Invest in Picking Donkeys?

Picking Donkey’s is the best place to spend your money in order to get substantially higher returns. As mentioned in Picking Donkeys Review, If you have idle cash left at home, then utilizing it in the site can earn you more than what you would get by stocking them up in a bank account. With Picking Donkey’s professional team of tipsters, you get to learn all the clever tactics of lay betting.

However, you have to understand that betting will not always give you positive outcomes. It also depends on your luck. But our highly skilled tipsters make sure you do not face huge losses. The probability of you losing a lay bet is comparatively less than you win. And the loss amounts are also pretty low and absorbable.


You are offered  a lot more than what you pay for its monthly subscription. According to Picking Donkeys Review, this  money-making site helps its users through lay betting and also supports  the use of certain other well-known tipster clubs and services. The 60-day money-back guarantee is a highlight that adds more to Picking Donkey’s value and gives you the confidence to try it out without risking a single penny. It is worth a try as it brings out proven positive results able to be seen from its official site.

So bring  that courage when you can thrill and earn at the same time through Picking Donkey’ Betting System.

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