Here is the genuine Paid Social Media Jobs Review. The young generation in today’s time needs to have career and job satisfaction as well as guarantee so they can join a job and do it to the fullest. The minimum requirement for any job is a satisfying salary basis that one needs to accomplish well. Cash or money is the only thing for which most of us do a job, and in this perspective of earning money, Paid Social Media Jobs is an easy headshot. For those who don’t want to put in much effort and prefer to earn from home while doing your routine work. Then, this paid social media job review is just for you.

Still, if you haven’t heard about this fantastic platform, then you are surely missing a significant opportunity to be something and to earn a lot by doing nothing significant. So I appreciate your researching a job that can help you to make money without many efforts. Hence, read this paid social media job review to get updated.

paid social media jobs review

Product Title Paid Social Media Jobs
Language English
Author Annie Jones
Category Internet Marketing
Price $27
Official Website Click Here

What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

You are wondering about what to do? Here is an appropriate job for you to do. The job is a freelancing type of work that you need to do sitting at your home, and hence you can earn a lot of money. Now you do not need to think about it that much. This is a job for being Social Media Manager on a platform called Paid Social Media Jobs. This platform is secured for jobs from home, and while you can log in, paid social media jobs for free and transcended upon a job.

So talking about this platform, here you can become a Social media manager for different companies and help them to handle their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. accounts. The job is simple, and the job profile gets you many dollars according to the package you opt for. On the homepage of Paid Social media jobs, you may see a proforma of all the tasks that are offered to you by the client. The platform provides you a set of training and also a job marketplace for making clients and selling your posts over the social media accounts of many companies. Let me take you further with the review.

The jobs you need to do over this platform are enumerated as:

  • Creating simulated reality over LinkedIn accounts.
  • Posting different posts related to the company’s work on Facebook.
  • Checking and regular updating over twitter handle.
  • It is also your job to increase the company’s subscribers and followers.

Therefore, along with work from home and better job profiling, you would not get a secure job over here, but you can also form many clients to sell your posts and earn more money.

What’s Inside Paid Social Media Jobs?

Talking about it with full transparency, these job sites follow a particular kind of pattern, and hence inside them, basic modules are present. In this Paid Social Media Jobs review, we might be able to shine a light on the subject. You will have just to follow these modules to walk along up to the top of Job profiling:-

Module 1: What Is It To Be A Social Media Manager?

Here, you would not get to learn much about new things, but the concept of your job will be cleared to you. You will understand it well that how does a social media manager work?

  • Who is a Social Media Manager?
  • Why is this post needed?
  • What is the way to make clients and make them trust over you with posting over their social media handles?

Module 2: How To Start being A Social Media Manager?

This part of the Paid social media jobs tells you the reason why you need to leverage this job platform. It tells you all about the importance and pros and cons of being a social media manager.

It also ensures to make you clear about the job at this post. While you are a fresher, this module will guide you to the right path of getting a decent job and earn. Technically this is a worthy module that will enable you to get a job and sustain it. Here is a paid social media job review; it is our duty to make you aware of everything that is inside this platform.

Module 3: Searching For A Client

Now, this module is a step ahead after the fresher candidate finishes with understanding the information like why and what about this social media manager’s job.

After that, this module will tell you how to look out for such clients who require a social media manager for their firm. Also, it will show you how to expect earnings from the post.

Module 4: Final Training

This module will initially train you in the same way as the first module does. But later on, it tells you how to use Facebook marketing strategies that will help you to make new clients and maintain those who already exist. Although, this module provides some blueprints only, which seem to be a private label rights type of content. Yet the content is satisfactory.

We have listed for you all the goods and bads of this job providing platform over a single page. Read it all in this Paid Social media job review.


  • 60-Days money-back guarantee: The platform provides a guarantee of a refund if you do not find it useful. It is a positive point here.
  • Legitimate Model of the Platform: The website shows you a legit model of working. The same is used in many other jobs providing sites; hence it is easy to believe. You would also get clients who are there to look out for a social media manager.
  • Training: While being a part of this Paid social media jobs platform, you would surely get to learn something new. Although not a step by step training but some blueprints and work experience would help.

Hereby you should also know some of the red flags of this platform.


  • Fake news videos available on the homepage.
  • Black Hat Methods are used for sale. It means to use unethical and unfair means for sale.
  • Income proofs available on the homepage are also fake.
  • The sales video, which is uploaded on the platform, is not of good quality and sometimes fake promotional.
  • Complaints come that they pay you only for the training, and later the package as promised is not given.
  • This platform also doesn’t give you a high earning potential.
  • The webpage seems to be a duplicate of the scam sites already working.
  • Like other scamsters, the name of the real owner of the webpage is not clear.
  • When you check the reviews, you will find many complaints from the customers who have fallen for a job.

What Does Paid Social Media Jobs do?

The Paid social media job is a platform to allow you to work from home and earn well. The platform will enable you to interact with the client directly, and in these reviews, you can learn everything about it.

About The Creator Of Paid Social Media Jobs

Well, when talking about the creator of paid social media jobs, a single name pops up that is Annie Jones. But there is nothing about her on Google. As well as on the homepage about the creator of this website. There is nothing told about her. That is not a legit sign about the company.

How does Paid Social Media Jobs work?

If you are searching about the method of working of such a job providing sites over here on paid social media jobs review, then to tell you that such a platform works as a simulator to offer you a job. This would also show you a paid social media jobs payment proof, and there are enough tempting ways to make you log in for free so that they can give you a training and then confer you with clients.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

I don’t consider this platform as a scam site. Since it shows many modules the same which are present in a legit website. But I do not recommend this platform to get a job. They may provide training and earning potency, yet I do not consider it the right place to be a social media manager.

Why Do People Choose to Join Paid Social Media Jobs?

Well, I do not consider this as a serious question because, in today’s world full of unemployment and competition, everybody wants to have a job to become self-dependent. Especially the youngsters who just want independence and have no consideration of its potential or the salary. They seem to have much interest in such platforms because they make get easy work from the home job here. But reading this paid social media job review, you would think before joining such a platform.


As my final verdict, I would like to drop a recommendation about some job fetching sites over here. Although I do not consider paid social media jobs as a scam site yet, I would not recommend it. Because it is not a passive source of income. It can just provide you a source of income, yet it is not reliable. Paid Social Media Jobs reviews have many happy customers with this assistance.

Anyone considers having a work from home job to have some free time with your family and friends while when you are a social media manager for a firm you do not have any personal time, so it is useless to have such a job. Elsewhere the platform only for those who are unemployed and hence you even do not have to get a degree or something to acquire a job over here. Therefore, a person with fewer qualifications also receives the same pay, whereas the one with more also gets it all the same here.


Can I earn enough through paid social media jobs to survive?

Well it depends upon the way you are using the platform. If you work enough, then you may earn well.

Is paid social media jobs payment secure?

Yes, they pay you well till the training period. While after that you can check the customer reviews for a further check upon the payment proofs.

Is it a scam or a legit platform?

As it is promised, this is a place where you can get a job to earn a living. Although I do not consider the site as a scam. Yet it is not much trustworthy.

Should I recommend paid social media jobs platform to unemployed people?

If you look it in the deep, the site will not look like a job providing site. Even if it does, everyone cannot understand the technical manner of being a social media manager. So, I would not recommend this site to anyone.

I am good at managing social media accounts but I do not have any proper degree, is that necessary?

No not at all, clients are looking for a person skilled in his job, not a degree holder.

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