The fruit avocado is a single-seeded berry that is most commonly found in Mexico and Colombia and is known for its healthy contents such as potassium, protein, fats, and sugar. They’re known for their benefits in lower cholesterol, satisfying hunger- snack pangs, and even in reducing belly fat.

Is Avocado Good for Weight Loss?

For weight loss, not everything depends on the time or the type of exercise you do but most importantly on what type of food you take, how many calories do you eat per day. Eating healthy is the key to weight loss, and one of the desired ways and food to eat for seeing the best results for weight loss is avocado.

You can’t expect working out daily and eating junk food later on to affect your body the way you want to, right? You need a proper diet chart, control on calories intake, to make the maximum impact on your body.

Avacado for weight loss

So Basically what is Present in an Avocado? 

Avocados are rich in minerals and nutrients, and are considered very good for weight loss, so what is it that is so good about Avocado’s? Well here are some nutrients present in one single avocado-

  • Total calories in an avocado range from 114 to 200
  • High in dietary fibre, avocadoes have about 6 gram
  • Not a natural sweetener fruit, so total sugar present in avocado are 0.2 gram
  • Rich in potassium and ingredients then there are about 345 milligrams (mg)
  • Other than being rich in potassium and being a low-calorie food, it also contains sodium at about 5.5 mg
  • Also rich in vitamin A, E, K, and B, total quantity present is about 44 micrograms (μg), Vitamin E 1.5 mg, Vitamin K 16 μg, Vitamin B-6 0.3 mg, and fatty acids 6.9 g

Benefits of Eating Avocado for Weight Loss

Some of the benefits of eating Avocado for weight loss are:

  • Avocado helps in decreasing belly fat: Swapping your previous oils with Avocado oil helps In increasing metabolism and decrease the saturated fat content. As per a study if you take around 40 grams of avocado oil for about four weeks daily, had a lowered belly fat by 1.6 per cent than normal oil consumers.
  • Avocados are good for satisfying hunger pangs: A spoon of  on a piece of bread, or maybe with eggs will satisfy all your hunger pangs. The avocados help in satisfying the small hunger pangs where you would feel like eating something like chips, or a toast, well, you can turn into a healthy snack by having avocado which is healthy, and have fewer calories. Did you know- Avocados are one of the rarest fruits which unlike other fruits do not have natural sweeteners, which means that they do not contain sugar.
  • Avocados have more nutrients: About 50grams of serving of Avocado has around 80 calories and they can be easily be fit into your diet charts. These are high in potassium and can give you around 250mg of potassium. They are also other than cutting belly fat are known for lowering cholesterol levels. They make up for a great nutrient boosting breakfast, they have about 75% unsaturated fat and make a great substitute for satisfying hunger pangs.
  • Avocados help in decreasing stress : Avocados other than being healthy, and useful for weight loss and decreasing cholesterol, they are also a vital ingredient towards reducing stress. The antioxidants and oils present in avocado reduce the stress and prevent everlasting DNA damage. Other than this, avocados also help in preventing renal failures, heart diseases, obesity and works towards protecting proteins in the body. The antioxidants which help in decreasing stress are present in the seed, and the peel of avocado. But remember avocados can be fattening if you don’t eat it with a healthy and controlled diet. Make sure to have it in controlled quantities and then you are totally on the journey to fat loss.

But don’t forget about the food you must and need to avoid to lose weight!

You can’t expect to lose weight just on the basis of eating avocados, you have to avoid certain kinds of food as well especially potato, fruits which have high sweetener present such as Mango, and grapes, red meat, cashews, butter, vegetable oil, canola oil, white rice, replace it with brown rice, full-fat milk, yogurt and cream.

However, if you are not a fan of avocados, you can make a smoothie out of it, but some of the other healthy avocado recipes for weight loss are:

  • Avocado Veggie Panini: With about 333 calories, 15.6gm fat, 7.1gm sugar, and 10.2-grams protein, Veggie Panini are not only meat-free but Avocado layer helps make it tasty and healthy.
  • Pasta and Avocado cream sauce: For all the foodies who want to lose weight, well guess what now you can eat and make healthy pasta with using the avocado cream sauce. It has about 275 calories, 7.5gram sugar and 6.5-grams protein.
  • Chicken Avocado and soup: Well, if you don’t want something veg, but with meat and healthy, then this is one of the best recipes to try your hand on. 473 calories, 7.9-gram fibre and high on protein, this is one of the healthy meat recipes to make you full.
  • Other than this there are some more avocado recipes like– Kale noodle bowl with Avocado Miso dressing, fried egg and avocado toast, avocado hummus, snap peas with avocado cream and well, if you want to turn inventive, you can surely mix and match and try your taste buds.

Remember heathy doesn’t mean to starve yourself, it means to divide calories during the day and that health is the real wealth. So some days if you want to have a cheat day, eat some junk food, or something you are craving for, go for it, but always remember to eat healthy, divide your intake during the day, and not take your health for granted.

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