Globalisation has been skyrocketing to unprecedented levels. Working in different time zones, strategic competition, and insatiable industry requirements have been unwillingly swallowed by many.

How To Live With Irregular Working Hours?

9-5 jobs no longer cater to the demands of this hullaballoo. Order and serenity seem to be a distant reality in the face of irregular work hours.

While irregular work hours do make bank accounts overflow, it ends up detaching one from the threads of peaceful serenity.

How To Live With Irregular Working Hours Proven Tips!

Best Ways to Deal with Irregular Working Hours

Here are ways to deal with irregular work hours:

  • Schedule! 

As cliché as this may sound, scheduling never falls short in infusing a rhythm to daily humdrum. Identify the few core tasks that are crucial and remain unchanged every month. Build a schedule around them.

Checking off various to-do’s in the shortest time possible- multi-tasking seems to be the one-stop solution for many. As tempting as juggling tasks can sound, it can suck tonnes of productivity, leaving you with much more load than you did before. Take one step at a time. Prioritise what’s important.

If you have a presentation to complete and a meeting to prepare for, taking one step at a time is unimaginable. During such situations, switch tasks rapidly. Allot time to one task and then shift to the next task. Just don’t do them together. This helps in keeping a focus on the task at hand.

Some chores can carry themselves off pretty well. Before you start working on a work task, dump your soiled linen in the washing machine. Meeting deadlines and cleaning clothes at the same time could not get any easier!

  • Stop! 

Busy work hours keep one’s wheels chugging all day. Take some time off every day. No matter how busy schedules turn out to be. Productivity and efficiency get an all-time boost when you stop to take a deep breath.

  • Workout drills!

Sore backs, muscle catches, shoulder aches- what not do we endure to keep ourselves affixed to our laptops all day. What about adding a pinch of stretches in 5-minute work breaks? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Before crashing into the bed, try doing a few push-ups a couple of hours before for the optimum sleep experience. If its night shifts that have brought an end to workout routines, a 15-minute cardio workout before taking an evening nap will do.

  • Nourishing chomps!

Healthy eating takes backstage when hectic work-life seems to be getting the better of you.

While fitting in cooking time for 9-5 job goers can be less challenging, slotting time for cooking meals is not feasible for those who work round the clock. Slow cooker veggie meals can be the solution to stay healthy without the need to run to the kitchen every five minutes while working.

Prep simple healthy meals for the entire week during days off. Just as it happens in an office, allot fixed meal times in irregular work schedules.

A punch of protein in morning meals does all it can to keep your wheels running all day. Some eggs. Ham. Maybe, a cup of Greek yoghurt. Anything that works for you.

Replace greasy food with tasty nuts and fruits. It replenishes the body with utmost nutritious comfort.

Eating a meal just before crashing the bed leads to disturbed sleep patterns. Enough time for digestion is a must before sleeping.

  • Sleep- The fuel for productivity

With unstable work hours, comes an extra suitcase of work to deal with.

 Irregular working hours deprives one the time to lie down and close their eyes. During the short breaks between working, a 10-20 minute nap rejuvenates alertness in your system.

Practising deep breathing before sleeping alleviates all the irregular work hour strains. Caffeine consumption before bed can make sleep patterns wayward.

Allotting fixed sleep time every day can be a daunting task for those who have no clue about what work they might be pulled down by the next day. It’s not about the time, but about the quality of sleep that infuses productivity in work.

  • Time for merry-making

During irregular work hours, minimising time with loved ones becomes a normal reality. Spending quality time with them can be possible even with all the unsteady schedules. Upcoming schedules are handy in scheduling them. As impossible as it may seem, take the extra step in showing them you care.

Leisurely activities take a negligible value with work burnouts. Journal writing, laughter therapy and gardening help one find the serenity amidst all the workload chaos.

Allotting some off-screen time provides relief to all the stress and fatigue that irregular work hour provides us with. Whether it is for 30 minutes or an hour, digital detox uplifts productivity to an all-time high.

Don’t take more load than necessary 

During days you decide to let your hair down, make sure a leader is assigned to monitor all the team tasks. This way you know that the

work is being done even while you’re away.

With the traditional work culture receiving a major blow in this day and age, irregular work shifts have occupied an indispensable position in our everyday living.

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