Welcome to How To Defend Yourself With A Knife review. The times have changed and it has become extremely important for everyone out there to be prepared and capable of protecting our self rather than relying on some person else. There are so many instances when everything is going fine, and then abruptly, everything begins to go wrong.

Some woman is sitting in her house and watching television and enjoying her beer and pizza when someone suddenly breaks and enter her house. She is terrified to her core, but she does not know what to do and ends up getting robbed and attacked.

How To Defend Yourself With A Knife Review-The Easiest And Most Effective Knife Fighting Methods!

This is something which no one will like to go through and in case it happens, then it is extremely important to prepare ourselves and to make ourselves capable of defending ourselves. The knife is one of the most basic things which can be found in almost every household and is one of the most practical easier equipment to defend ourselves about which we will know in detail in this How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Review.

How To Defend Yourself With A Knife review

Product Title How To Defend Yourself With A Knife
Language English
Author Scott M. Sullivan
Category Self Defense 
Price $47
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About How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Program

How to Defend Yourself with a Knife is a book written by Scott M. Sullivan is a complete guide discussing the various methods, ways and practical use of the simple and most easily weapon available – Knife in case someone finds themselves in a situation where he/she has been attacked and have to defend themselves. This book is a raw and real-life description of methods and ways in which a knife can be used as a defense.

The Samurai, Vikings, Ninjas, Apache Indians, Green Berets, Russian Special Forces, Navy Seals, and other such great warriors spend a lot of their time mastering knife skills. This How to Defend Yourself with a Knife course is one’s crash course in ‘Military Guide’ knife survival skills.

Benefits of How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Course

According to How to Defend Yourself with Knife review, the knife is the most common and easily and commonly available weapon in the world. It is cheap and easy to carry. Unlike other weapons, it can never get jammed or run out of ammo.

A trained person having Knife skills can deliver such shots to the attacker, which hurts the attacker to the very core and makes the attacker incapable of attacking further. Even when a person is carrying a gun or a pistol, then Knife is the ultimate weapon which one keeps as a back-up.

Learning Knife skills is comparatively easier than the other forms of defense mechanisms and has proven to be very effective in the meanest conditions against the big muscle heads if one is well-versed with the art of using a knife.

The How to Defend Yourself with a Knife course does not require one to be an expert in martial arts or something or to be already skilled with different self-defense mechanism. The course has been designed in such a manner that even ana average person can learn and master the art within some hours after taking the course.

After one has learned the art of defending themselves with a knife, every time one passes by a group of bad thugs or gets stuck at a bad part of the town or when walking towards your car in a shady parking lot or when one is compelled to stand at a shady gas station, if he/she knows the art and is self-sufficient, there’s no need to worry at all.

One will not feel helpless or defenseless anymore, will be able to help others whenever in need, and will help the person in having a sense of security for themselves and their family.

How does How to Defend Yourself with a Knife work?

The complete How to Defend Yourself with a Knife course is comprised of a well-designed curriculum that focuses on creating a basic as well as an advanced base for learning the skills. Some of the topics which are the part of the course are as follows:

  • It focuses on teaching people how to use the knife for personal protection.
  • Teaches to end the fight in a single shot irrespective of focusing on who the attacker is whilst safely maintaining the distance from the attacker.
  • It teaches to pinpoint the weak areas of the attacker from any position.
  • Teaches you the perfect way of holding the knife during the attack so that one can hurt the attacker as much as possible without dropping it which is important.
  • It teaches the best angle from which the shots can be taken on the attacker.
  • Teaches you to prevent a large man from taking the knife from the person being attacked and to prevent the attacker from using it against you.
  • It teaches you the various targets that an untrained knife user might focus on which can make things go wrong in no time.
  • Discusses one the techniques of how to attack, when to attack and where to attack in order to make the attacker incapable as fast as possible.
  • It teaches about the advantages of using a knife over a gun or a pistol.
  • Tells about the technique of how one can cause the attacker to harm himself with his/her knife.
  • Informs the user about the difference and the biggest mistakes one is likely to incur whilst using the knife as a self-defense weapon.
  • It teaches one about the ‘stopping power’ of the knife and why is it important to know.

Apart from the aforesaid in How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Review, several other areas need to be focused on while leaning the art of self-defense using a knife. It is through the help of these smartly and specifically designed lessons that even an average person who has no prior knowledge about it can also master the art in a matter of hours.

How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Creator

How to Defend Yourself with a Knife book has been written by Scott M. Sullivan. He is a Ph.D. doctorate in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. He is a professional martial arts trainer. He has professional martial arts teaching experience for more than 25 years now. He has taught his extravagant and the most effective self-defense moves to various people, including the S.W.A.T, Police, Military Personnel, and average citizens in the world.

Scott Sullivan has the experience of teaching, studying, and training in knife fighting tactics for more than 30 years. He has gained specialized training in Filipino martial art styles, which is recognized as one of the best knives fighting technique in the entire world.

Currently, Dr. Scott Sullivan is the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX. He is the former heavyweight kickboxing champion, holds a black-belt degree in Brazilian Jujitsu. He is also the author of several best-selling martial arts instructional videos whose thousand of copies have been sold worldwide.

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Pros and Cons of How to Defend Yourself with a Knife

To know and to be familiar with a technique that renders benefit to self can never have any disadvantages but many advantages. The knife is one of the easiest and most common weapons available. Due to its cheapness and its ease to carry everywhere and anywhere makes it an extremely important and useful tool for defending oneself.

This book gives a detailed account covering all the aspects related to the knives fighting technique and is found to be suitable for an average person as well who has no prior knowledge about martial arts. This book imparts practical knowledge to its users and teaches the concepts most practically and more easily, which makes it a perfect book for the users to learn the art of knife fighting.

The reasons why How to Defend Yourself with a Knife is simple

How to Defend Yourself with Knife review gives you different reasons as to why How to Defend Yourself with Knife is simple.

  • Starting of Knives are easy to carry, cheap and are available everywhere and anywhere.
  • Once the person has been trained properly knives can be proven to be one of the most effective and dangerous weapons in combat.
  • No such problems like knives getting jammed or running out of ammo are capable enough of dropping a man in a flash.
  • Knives are contemplated to be the perfect weapon for women, older kids, and is effective against the attacker even if he/she is stronger and bigger than you are!
  • It renders the ‘Military Grade’ skills to the user.
  • The knives can be easily hiding from the attacker and can be used as an element of surprise in the attack.

How much does How to Defend Yourself with a Knife cost?

Firstly, the user will be provided with a step-by-step video for the course with digital access, which does not require any specific software platform. Followed by this, the user gets a How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Combat Manual which consists of everything that one needs to understand and learn the knife fighting technique. Once the user has completed the check-out process login information is given to the user to enable the fast learning of skills by the user.

The entire How to Defend Yourself with a Knife course is available at $47/- only! That’s like 66% off.

In case, if one is unsatisfied with the results or thinks that it is not as effective and helpful as thought then there is a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee. All the money will be returned immediately and if he/she wants, then they can freely keep the course with them as well. Get your copy now! Download How to Defend Yourself with a Knife to get digital access now!

How To Defend Yourself With A Knife Course download

How to Defend Yourself with a Knife Review Conclusion

The product is utterly important and useful for the user. It not teaches the knife fighting skills but also helps in living a fearless and stress-free life. After learning these techniques, one who does not even have prior expertise can become a master in it.

According to an FBI report, an American has one in nine chances to get involved in a violent assault at some point in their life, and hence it is important to be master of our own and to be self-dependent. All in all, a nice and highly recommended product for the ones who want to be self-reliant and fight off every bad that comes their way.

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