Welcome to How To Build A Tree House Book Review. Treehouses need absolutely no introduction since they are the best place for kids to play and have fun with their friends. This tiny playhouse has been a traditional part of homes with open yards, which also happens to be a part of one’s best childhood memories.

If you are a parent who is looking for their kids to have realistic childhood memories instead of letting them stick to virtual screens all day, then you must definitely get your hands on the How to Build a Tree House book.

How To Build A Tree House Review: Step By Step Detailed Treehouse Plan!

The name seems more like a question, but ‘How to Build a Tree House’ is actually an eBook written by Michael Prest. This comprehensive guide outlines all the processes one should follow while building a treehouse for their little ones from scratch.

How to build A Tree House Book review

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About How To Build A Tree House Book

Being a child who has seen his father build a treehouse for him in his childhood to being a father himself doing the same for his kids, this author includes real-life experiences in this book, which a lot of you can relate to. This makes it more engaging for the readers and proves that this complete handbook was constructed after numerous trials and errors by the writer and includes the best possible methods of building a treehouse.

It is high time parents drag their kids out of the virtual world of video games and make them do things they will cherish for a lifetime. Here is the relevance of How To Build A Tree House review. Previously, building tree houses was a great hassle as one had to go through several hardships and confusion. Anything that goes wrong between choosing the right kind of tree or wood and assembling them to give it a proper shape can result in an ugly-looking treehouse, only to make your child disappointed.

It would also lead to an utter waste of time and money and may even fail you in the eyes of your child. Thus, risking your reputation and your child’s happiness is certainly a bad move. But there is nothing to worry about since Prest’s extensive eBook has got your back.

Perks of How To Build A Tree House eBook

Not all treehouses are built in the same shape and manner. The type of ground required to support the treehouse, choosing the tree that can maintain its stability and the materials needed for the various styles and sizes, are all important in setting up a well-protected play zone for your kid.

How to Build a Tree House comes with a detailed tree house plan that is applicable for creating the base of any kind of a treehouse that you are willing to construct. It enables the reader to gain access to all of the resources, steps, and plans needed to create a safe tree house that lasts all year round. As per How To Build A Tree House review this eBook is an all in one easy resource, which helps the buyer avoid doing boring research before the construction of the treehouse and lets them start right away upon its purchase.

This wonderful treehouse manual is written step by step, making it simple for the readers to follow. It also contains every single detail about building the right tree house for your child, clearing all the small questions and doubts you might have while putting it up altogether.

It does not matter if your woodwork skills were not that great at school or if you are a beginner at this. Besides mentioning all the necessary methods to help construct a perfect treehouse, Prest also talks about some common mistakes made by parents making it for the first time.

Due to this entire thing being a DIY project, great precautions must be taken while setting up the treehouse. Failing to cover the sharp edges of nails or keeping a bolt loose could crumble the entire playhouse and injure your kid severely. All such little things that could cause great harm to your child if not taken care of properly are discussed in this book.

Going through this How To Build A Tree House review, you might be concerned about the time required to complete this entire task. If you are a working parent who has really less time for their kid, then there is nothing to get disheartened about just yet. How to Build a Tree House, you can create your child’s mini wooden house in as little as one weekend.

How does it work?

The first thing to do after purchasing this book is to find a proper tree for the treehouse. Finding a sturdy tree is vital because not only will it be taking the weight of the playhouse, but also the weight of your kids and their friends. The author suggests using posts as the legs of the house to give them greater support. He also talks about cool styles for your treehouse like the ‘lookout tower’ effect, which could be done by letting the tree go through the middle of the treehouse.

Up next, the foundation of it is discussed. Materials apt for creating a strong and safe foundation for your kid’s treehouse are talked about by the writer who also provides a sound, tested blueprint for it.

After you are done with all that, it is time for you to get creative and decorate the mini house. It is very important that you adorn it as per your child’s instructions because you are not creating the playhouse for yourself. Thus, letting your child be the designer and decide what would look best on the house is very crucial.

The above-mentioned points in How To Build A Tree House review are just the mere basics of creating a treehouse. This eBook contains every tiny detail to make your house functional and look great.

How to Build A Tree House Guide

What is included in How to Build A Tree House Guide?

How to Build a Tree House comes with a detailed tree house plan combining visual diagrams and examples to let your kids have a one of a kind treehouse.

How To Build A Tree House book review says that the author also encourages the readers to follow the tips mentioned in the eBook so that they could buy the materials at a cheaper price, saving most of their money.

Why it is the best guide?

The thing that makes this guide special is that it is written from the personal experiences of the writer who has spent quality time with his father and kids in building tree houses. Therefore, he is well experienced and the methods penned down in this book are sure to be successful in the construction of a brand new treehouse. It’s clear from the How To Build A Tree House review that he has also provided blueprints, diagrams, and examples in this eBook, making it a complete resource that is rare to find.

Moreover, he himself is a parent and understands the perspectives of other parents very well as he mentions how they ‘always want to keep costs down’.

Pros & Cons of How to Build a Tree House Book PDF


This simple yet effective guidebook is hands down the best option to go for while trying to impress your kids by building them a treehouse. Here given below in this How To Build A Tree House review are the reasons why it is so beneficial:

  • The steps mentioned are easy to follow.
  • The detailed explanations can lead anyone, even beginners, to build a proper treehouse.
  • Contains various options to choose from in order to build a treehouse as per your desires.
  • You can build your mini house in a few days only.
  • The treehouse plan, along with pictures and diagrams, helps you visualize it before its construction.
  • Mentioned tips and tricks help to lower costs.
  • The eBook can be purchased globally with just a few clicks on your computer or phone.
  • The tools required can easily be found in your garage, cellar, or storeroom.

The sad part about How to Build a Tree House is that it is a digital product only available to people having the necessary gadgets like tablets, laptops, computers, smartphones, etc. An international credit card is also required to purchase it.

How To Build A Tree House Book Purchase Details

How to Build a Tree House is priced at $27 only. Right after clicking on the green-colored ‘Buy Now’ option, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to fill in the necessary information for the purchase.

Afterward, you will be redirected to a page that will automatically download the eBook to your electronic gadget. No time is to be wasted waiting for the book to be delivered, and you may also read it online.

The best part about this eBook is the 60-day money-back guarantee, which lets you return it to the author and get your money back, just by contacting him via email within 60 days of the purchase. Thus, you do not have to worry a bit about seeing your money go in vain.


Overall, How To Build A Tree House review claims that it is an affordable, all in one guide which enables parents with even zero experience, to construct their children their dream house, high up on the trees.

Times indeed have changed now, and children are always seen equipped with video games and new age electronic gadgets. But nothing beats the moments spent in a classic treehouse.

Purchasing this eBook does not only help you build a proper treehouse. It enables you to spend quality time with your child, creating fond memories and also instills a sense of responsibility in them while they work on it with you.

To sum it up, this risk-free investment is worth a try.

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