Nothing is as controversial as the concept of manifestation and whether it works or not. Yet, it is hard to ignore the tremendous change in the outlook of practitioners of effective manifestation techniques.

But how can one tell the difference between a manifestation technique that works and one that only sells a false sense of optimism?

The line gets blurry and hard to tell when one begins to explore the world of manifestation techniques and find mixed opinions that make it seem like just pure luck or coincidence, or worse.

Cheat Code Attraction program is a refinement of the old manifestation techniques that is garnering praise and an increasing number of subscribers by the day. Let us take a comprehensive look at the program, and see if it really works.

Cheat Code Attraction Reviews – A Perfect Guide For Manifest Abundance?

Cheat Code Attraction is a program that lasts 3 weeks. It is designed to transform the mental model with regard to happiness and wealth.

The program involves listening to certain audio tracks every day. But it isn’t time-consuming. The creator claims that setting aside 18 minutes a day to listen to the tracks as per the program schedule in a quiet, relaxing place is all that is required for rewiring the brain.

But what exactly does this rewiring involve? The creators of this program map the disparity between people who fail to succeed despite a working day in and day out, and are left frustrated at every turn with only obstacles insight with people who seemingly happen to be at the right place at the right time and make choices and perform actions that yield the maximum positive impact possible.

According to the creators, this is an issue with the limiting beliefs that tie the first category of people down to scarcity, preventing them from accessing the abundance that is found in the universe.

Cheat Code Attraction  is a refinement to older manifestation techniques but is also a new mode of achieving success and finding a deeper sense of satisfaction. Instead of just relying heavily on self-talk and affirmations, the Cheat Code Attraction aims to change the magnetic resonance of the brain.

Cheat Code Attraction reviews

Program Title Cheat Code Attraction
Language English
Main Benefits All the steps are quite easy to follow
Category Manifestation
Price $17
Official Website Click here

About the creator

Cheat Code Attraction is a program created by David X who unlike the stories purported in many other manifestation programs was in fact, born rich.

However, he found himself due to a series of brutal and unfortunate circumstances at the complete opposite end of the spectrum – homeless, living in a car, and earning a living by working as an Uber driver.

He goes into the misery, the addiction, and attending AA to try and remain sober without holding back on the website, and is worth the read.

Long story short, he finds someone in an AA meeting one day – Jeff – and finds out that he’s not alone, and that his loss can be reversed.

This would eventually turn out to be true and would inspire David, with Jeff’s help to create a program that can be followed by anyone, not just those already in the position of power and riches.

A program that actually works and has a neuro scientific basis unlike other manifestation laws or techniques of attraction that require so much time and energy and really only amount to wishful thinking.

How does Cheat Code Attraction program work?

It would be a waste to invest in a program only to find out that there was no basis for the practice to work. Which is why this review will address the underpinning mechanism that David leverages with the program to essentially rewire the brain.

Citing research from Harvard University on his website, David says that a lot of the thoughts and feelings generated in the brain, just like the universe, are out of one’s control. This fact is an oversight that David finds in the law of attraction and other books and programs because all these resources mislead the practitioner into believing that it’s just about how they think. While it is true that changing one’s conscious thoughts can lead to subconscious changes which bring one’s being a step closer to connecting to the universe’s abundance, it is not sufficient.

David found that the missing link is the magnetic resonance of the brain. This is the root cause and is the reason for limiting beliefs – which are subconscious and unconscious restrictions that prevent one from manifesting to one’s real potential. It is this magnetic resonance, that the Cheat Code Attraction works on directly to transform the listener’s thoughts, attitude, and beliefs to tune into the universal abundance.

Simply put, David realized that no amount of practice can effectively turn one’s dreams and desires into reality because of limiting beliefs that are hardwired in the brain. The only way to overcome this “negative magnetic resonance” that repels what one wants from them is to fix the hardwiring and turn it around into a positive form, thereby attracting towards you the life you want. It was with Jeff’s help and trial and error, that David found the Cheat Code Attraction – to be a surefire method that actually gave results.

A Closer Look at the Cheat Code Attraction Program

The emphasis of this program is not to accrue just wealth and fulfill all of one’s desires, but to actually improve one’s quality of life by raising one’s level of happiness. According to David, happiness is an extremely important component in this program not just because it is what people truly seek, but because it amplifies positive returns, just like how one experiences everything from sunsets to people better when happy. Happiness also makes manifestation easier because happiness is a consequence of positive magnetic resonance in the brain.

Jeff – David’s co-creator for the Cheat Code Attraction – says that people have it backward. Money doesn’t lead to happiness. Happiness leads to money.

Happiness leads to better, longer-lasting, fulfilling relationships. Happiness leads to better physical health. Happiness helps people realize their dreams and goals more consistently. Those who seek money so that they can then be happy become miserable instead. With this in mind, Jeff and David have created 3 phases, each lasting a week each as part of the Cheat Code Attraction.

  • Alignment: The aim of this track is to break down the current wiring of the brain, the beliefs, and narratives that push you further away from your manifestation. This is an important step and unlike other programs that skip over this, the Cheat Code Attraction emphasizes on the importance of unlearning and thereby freeing oneself from all the limiting beliefs, all the “I can’t”s and “I will never be able to”s. This can be an extremely intense exercise even though it is really just listening to the audio track, but that is okay. It isn’t easy to unlearn all the negative ideas and beliefs that have held you back all your life. But the Cheat Code Attraction will help you reflect upon yourself and guide you through the journey of finally letting go of the negative self-talk that happens not just consciously, but subconsciously as well.
  • Expansion: Going back to the point made earlier about magnetic resonance, this stage is about shifting to the positive magnetic resonance. Now that the alignment phase has liberated your brain from the shackles of negative magnetic resonance, this track guides your brain to flip the switch into the abundant resonance mode. This is where you make the shift from thinking that you will always have to work and put in endless efforts to get what you want to realize that scarcity is not a battle you need to wage against. This is different from other manifestation programs which propose that scarcity is something to be overcome in order to begin manifesting. This second phase magnetizes your brain and harmonizes your thoughts and beliefs to realize that you owe yourself the power of living in abundance and experience a holistically rich quality of life.
  • Limitless: The third and final track is to emphasize the new story and to anchor your brain and mental narrative in a state of happiness and prosperity. This is a track that is to be listened to consistently as part of “maintenance”. This is to ensure that despite the surrounding negativity, you touch base with the transformed mode of operating in a way that attracts you happiness and wealth. Gradually what happens is that the new story seeps into your subconscious and your magnetic resonance finally becomes unshakably positive.

What steps must you follow to get the maximum results from the Cheat Code Attraction program?

The Cheat Code Attraction is a refreshingly straightforward program that needs to be followed over the course of three weeks. As per the Cheat Code Attraction reviews, users reported a successful shift within the first few minutes and hours of the program.

It is important to allow oneself to listen to these audio tracks in a peaceful environment when one is most receptive. The biggest hurdle people face with manifestation related books, recordings or workshops, is moving past old patterns, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs.

The Cheat Code Attraction specifically devotes the entire first week towards unlearning the past so that the next steps are effective in flipping the switch to help you fulfill your dreams.

Is Cheat Code Attraction for you?

People who are on a journey to improve themselves radically should definitely check out this course and read up on the website everything David talks about.

If you are reading this Cheat Code Attraction review, you probably are aware of other manifestation techniques and strategies and probably didn’t find much success. Compare those methods with the Cheat Code Attraction, which provides a scientific basis and a step by step approach that is neither confusing nor time-consuming; and if the Cheat Code Attraction reviews are anything to go by – landing substantial progress not just financially but in one’s relationships, health and overall well-being.

While an increasing number of people who have had experience with manifestation before are settling for The Cheat Code Attraction, this program doesn’t require any pre – requisite knowledge about manifestation, resonance, or even scarcity and abundance. Everything is made crystal clear through the course of the 3-week program and the audio tracks.

But does Cheat Code Attraction really work?

The program requires less than 20 minutes of your time. If one follows the 3-week-program consistently, then, going by the reviews it should not be long before the signs of one’s connection with the universe’s abundance begin to show. Anyone who has found the law of attraction ineffective, or wants to transform their life and their mindset would benefit from a program like the Cheat Code Attraction.

Pricing of Cheat Code Attraction: New Discounts

The price of the entire Cheat Code Attraction with 3 audio tracks has been reduced to $39.

The Right Place to Buy the Cheat Code Attraction

Avoid purchasing from sources other than the original web page to buy the program. This is because David offers a 60-day 100% money-back refund policy for purchases done solely on the product’s own web page.

Conclusion: Cheat Code Attraction Review… Is It Worth To Buy It?

This program takes a new approach to manifestation with a grounding in neuroscience. It is neither cryptic nor time-consuming and the results speak for themselves. If someone is looking to progress in life – financially or otherwise – the Cheat Code Attraction is a worthwhile program to optimize one’s effort and time.


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