Here is an in-depth Exodus Effect review. What if we told you we discovered oil that Jesus used to heal the sick? And that it is available for you as well? You heard us right! Recently we chanced upon the extremely intriguing book called Exodus Effect. The Exodus Effect Book by Pastor Andrew contains the secret recipe of the very oil that has helped millions in the earlier days of humanity live long and healthy lives.

Exodus Effect Review: Secret To Live Long And Healthy Lives?

Picking up on a mistranslation of the Bible, Pastor Andrew realized that the main ingredient of the oil, Cannabis, wasn’t getting included in the food and diet patterns of human beings. Ironically, it was the presence of Cannabis in the holy oil that cured people of sickness and ailments in those earlier days.

In addition to Cannabis, there are other ingredients that go into this holy oil, which is all explained in great detail in the book. Keep reading this Exodus Effect review to know more interesting information about the book.

Exodus Effect Review

Product Title Exodus Effect
Language English
Creators Pastor Andrew
Category Holy Program
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About The Exodus Effect Guide

Though the Exodus Effect is primarily a book with the recipe for the holy oil, it is effectively no less than the recipe for long and happy life. The book describes the wonders of the oil in all areas of your life. Believe us when we say this, we were astounded to learn of the number of ways in which this oil can benefit you- a fact that got confirmed by the countless Exodus Effect reviews we read by people who used this oil and achieved their desired results.

The Exodus Effect system describes how the oil works from the inside of your body, healing your aches and pains, chronic ailments, mental anxiety, and depression, restoring your sleep, memory, and vitality including reducing the risk of diseases like cancer. Since it works as a comprehensive solution with such far-reaching effects on your life and wellbeing, Pastor Andrew refers to the Exodus Effect as a system.

What is the Exodus Error or Old Testament Error?

When we were working on the Exodus Effect Book review, we were fascinated by the backstory about how the book came about. It stemmed from an error that occurred during the translation of the Bible from Hebrew to Greek by Symmachus in 330 AD, something that renowned biblical scholar Dr. Sula Benet had pointed out years ago.

This mistranslation was of the Hebrew words ‘Kaneh Bosm’ that actually translated to Kanabos or Cannabis but wrongly began to be referred to as Sweet Calamus, another herb. Down the ages, this error went on being repeated. Once this error was exposed in The Exodus Effect, it was easy to understand the composition of the holy oil that had helped people live long lives in the early days.

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What is True Anointed Oil?

True Anointed Oil, also referred to as holy oil by Pastor Andrew according to true biblical language, is a special oil that has healed many a sick person in times of the Old Testament. Not just healing them from sickness and disease but the oil was also instrumental in helping them live long and happy lives.

From his painstaking research of biblical texts, Pastor Andrew has been able to draw up a list of all the ingredients that went into the oil. After that he sourced similar or matching ingredients available in our supermarkets and groceries. However, according to Exodus Effect review care must be taken to mix these in the exact ratios mentioned in the Exodus Effect Book, which is why it is good to always have the Exodus Effect pdf downloaded on your phone after you purchase the book.

About Exodus Effect Creator

As we mentioned earlier in this Exodus Effect Book Review, Pastor Andrew from Colorado is the man behind this book and the way he conceived it is nothing short of remarkable. It began with his wife Lisa falling ill and being bed-ridden with aches and pains. Determined to find cures, Pastor Andrew went back to the Bible to discover the eye-opening fact that up till 330 AD people lived long and healthy lives.

After that, things started going downhill in terms of the health of the human race, a phenomenon that coincided with the infamous translation of the Bible by Symmachus which we previously discussed, that caused the omission of Cannabis in every mention of the holy oil in the Bible.

This discovery led to Pastor Andrew teaming up with his herbalist friend to blend the ingredients together and prepare the holy oil that helped not just his wife get better but worked wonders for members of his congregation and finally people from remote areas too.

What Will You Learn in Exodus Effect Book?

Though essentially the Exodus Effect Book is about the anointed oil that cures pains and ailments, it is not just restricted to that. As we have been mentioning in this Exodus Effect review, or as Pastor Andrew keeps reinforcing, the Exodus Effect is a comprehensive system. It holds the key to a life that is not only filled with good health, happiness, wellbeing, and love but is also emotionally and spiritually evolved.

The book contains an unending list of ways in which the oil can be used, some of which actually surprised us. Apart from using it for your aches and pains, you can use it in cooking to prepare delicious but healthy dishes, pet food to keep your pets healthy and free from diseases, and even to restore the youthful glow in your hair and skin. Just adjust the dose and ratios of the ingredients, and the oil can be used for multiple purposes.

What’s Included with Exodus Effect PDF?

Once your process of purchasing the book is complete, you can click on the Exodus Effect pdf free download option to get instant access to the digital version of the book before your ordered physical copy reaches you.

Let’s take a look at the contents of the digital material that you will get access to below in this :

  1. The Exodus Effect guide: The book we have been talking in this Exodus Effect Book Review, with the entire system in detail.

In addition, there are 3 bonus guides that come with it:

  1. DIVINE PET: How to use the holy anointed oil to the benefit of your pets’ health.
  2. THE LAZARUS EFFECT: A compilation of secrets that helped Lazarus live a long and happy life after his resurrection. It also includes words of kindness and compassion that will help revive your relationship with people and your love life too.
  3. HIDDEN PRAYERS: 33 scriptures that are powerful prayers to perform while using the anointed oil in order to maximize the effects of the oil.
  4. OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN THE PRAYER WARRIOR NETWORK: You get access to a network of people who will pray for you 24/7 across the world, helping and supporting you through any crisis.

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Pros and Cons of Exodus Effect:


  • Multipurpose: When you have the holy oil at home, you can use it for a number of purposes from cures to cooking and even for pets.
  • All-pervading: The oil has a far-reaching impact in terms of its curing properties and can heal a number of cures and ailments.
  • Customizable: As per the Exodus Effect review by adjusting the ratios of the ingredients, you can change the results achieved by the oil.
  • Affordable: Compared to a lot of medication and solutions, the anointed oil is quite affordable.


  • Purchase: You can only buy the book at the official website.
  • Belief: There is no point in using this oil if you don’t believe in its miraculous healing powers.

Exodus Effect Pricing

As a limited period offer, you can purchase the book and all its bonus guides at just $67. Make sure to click on the Exodus Effect Book download option to get instant access to the digital content. The book also comes with a moneyback guarantee, meaning you can always claim a full refund of your money if you aren’t satisfied.


The world is in turmoil today. Faith is the first thing that is losing its shine. When we began working on this Exodus Effect review, we weren’t sure how oil could be so magical- but as we progressed, our faith grew.

Pastor Andrew’s book does a very good job of not just giving you the recipe to the oil, but explaining how it can work as an entire comprehensive system that benefits your life in many ways. Supported by his biblical studies, he gives you examples from the holy texts as well as people across the globe today who have seen magical results. The Exodus Effect reviews are for you to read.

Not only does it cure physical pains and ailments, but it also restores your quality of life. It ensures peace of mind, vitality, and wellbeing- things that all of us are looking for, especially in these uncertain times. However, whatever we say here are just words. Like we just said above, it takes faith to believe in its power and invest in the holy oil wholeheartedly.

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