Here is my Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review. When you talk about wilderness, you must relate it to survival instincts, which are inborn qualities in all living beings. Survival skills are techniques a person may use to support life in any form of the natural or built environment. These skills reflect upon basic human needs, such as food, water, and shelter.

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review- The Most Perfect Way To Learn Survival Skills! 

The knowledge also encourages proper awareness and relationships with animals and plants to support lifelong sustainability. Survival skills are also related to the importance of survival in a disaster situation. Besides, these were considered simple concepts and abilities developed and used by ancient civilizations centuries back.

As I sit to write Alderleaf wilderness college review, I remember to have written so many similar reviews. However, this Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review appears to be a unique one in the sense that the relevant course material is so effective that after completion, the students become competent to take charge of their survival needs in the wilderness.

ALDERLEAF wilderness college review

ALDERLEAF wilderness certification program helps the students learn survival skills as a form of recreation wherein they are typically forced to sustain the fundamental needs, such as water, food, and shelter in an unfriendly environment. It may include having long hikes, setting fires, sailing rafts, fishing, riding, etc. Let us discuss more in this Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review.

Product Title Essential Wilderness Survival Skills
Language English
Founder Jason Knight
Main benefits It helps students to learn survival skills.
Category Online Course
Specification Wilderness training course
Duration It is a 9-month all-inclusive nature and outdoor Alderleaf survival school course.
Price $197.00
Official Website Click Here

About Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Program

AWCP (Alderleaf Wilderness Certification Program) is a nine-month all-inclusive nature and outdoor Alderleaf survival school course, which includes the following important features:

  • Survival in wilderness
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Introduction to wild medicinal and edible plants
  • Learning sustainable living skills
  • Outdoor leadership

The said course program prepares the students to get familiar with nature skills in a diverse career path in wilderness lessons, sustainable living, and environmental study, and many more.

So, when I begin giving an account of ALDERLEAF wilderness college review, I find the course so attractive that I deem it my moral obligation to let everybody know how to battle out the adversities of nature in the wilderness.

According to Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review, Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Course is both a theoretical and practical activity in which learners are trained to survive with as little resources as possible. This wilderness training course is mainly taken up to stay in dense forests and mountain regions for a certain period and finally come out with success.

Features of Essential Wilderness Survival Skills 2020

Alderleaf Wilderness College is unique such that it provides integrated training in nature skills, which leads to a deep, purposeful connection and awareness towards the bounties of nature.

  • College location: The college campus is situated in Snohomish County, Monroe, Washington, USA.
  • Course duration: The college authorities meet aspirants on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 9:30 am – 3:30 pm for discussion regarding admission to courses with many extended class trips over nine months.
  • Faculty information: An experienced group of faculty that includes Heather Swift, Dave Boehnlein, and Jason Knight. They are truly qualified to impart lessons on wilderness survival skills.
  • Enrollment norms: Each batch represents 10 to 20 students.
  • Affiliation: As many as 18 undergraduate credits are made accessible through Western State Colorado University.
  • Course qualifications: The prerequisites are in the form of Essential wilderness survival skills online course.
  • Tuition fees: The nine monthly course fees come to $24950 that includes practical training and outdoor visits to the wilderness.
  • Choice for further studies (optional): Once you pass out as graduate, you have the option to pursue the 2nd year study course that includes the Wilderness Instructor Apprenticeship or the Advanced Wilderness Skills Program.

alderleaf wilderness certification program

What you’ll gain from ALDERLEAF course?

By analyzing Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review, Wilderness Certification Program graduates are handed over recognized professional certifications. Once the course is successfully completed, students receive a Certificate in Wilderness Skills Education & Ecology, a vocational training completion certificate, which inspires them to work in the fields of nature education and environmental study.

Students also obtain a Permaculture Design Certification as part of the course that prepares them to work as experts on sustainability. They are also encouraged to take part in an approved CyberTracker Track & Sign program to become accredited trackers of wildlife. Besides, students also obtain a Forest First Aid Training Certification as part of Essential Wilderness Survival Skills program.

What is included in Essential Wilderness Survival Skills?

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Course is designed for students irrespective of backgrounds and abilities. Therefore, no prior experience or the athletic ability for that matter is required. Alderleaf survival school only needs your positive mind frame and sense of adventure. It works closely from there to take care of every other aspect.

  • Wilderness survival instincts: You get the opportunity to learn how to build natural shelters in forests, purify water resources, create fire from stone friction, find wild eatables, and perfect a variety of crafts in the forest. Wilderness skills help people endure the effects of natural disasters in the open air and the weather the storm as well.
  • Wild edible and medicinal plants: Know how to locate, collect, and prepare food, medicines, and tools out of wild plants. Wild plants offer safe, nourishing food as well as sustainable living resources for renewable use.
  • Wilderness tracking: Improve the ability to follow the tracks and signs accurately as regards animals, reptiles, birds, insects, and amphibians. Wildlife monitoring is an extremely useful method in studying, conserving, and preserving wildlife.
  • Natural skills: Gain a thorough understanding of North American natural history, species, and plant life. A balanced understanding of flora, fauna, and ecology is an important skill set for sustainable fieldwork while staying in the wilderness.
  • Sustainable forms of living: Develop the necessary skills and knowledge to build and incorporate sustainable living systems combined with natural ecosystems. Lessons learned from past cultures promote balanced harmony and show the way to a greener world.
  • Education and culture: Establish leadership skills in the forest as well as knowledge of culture and community awareness. Nature education demonstrates accountability for the climate and inspires hope.

Students learn these core skills with the help of an enjoyable mix of interactive lectures, practical activities, and field-based interactions and adventures, gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the natural environment. As mentioned in Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review, Successful students of alderleaf wilderness certification programs have the opportunity to absorb these essential skills of nature into their life.

About the founder of Alderleaf Wilderness College

Jason Knight is the co-founder and full-time director of Alderleaf wilderness college. Jason Knight has been teaching nature skills for more than 18 years as the main faculty and said to have vast knowledge and experience in the areas of animal tracking and survival skills in the wilderness.

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Essential Wilderness Survival Skills founder

Pros and Cons of Alderleaf wilderness certification program

The most perfect way to learn survival skills is from practice in real life! Just because of that, survival courses in the wilderness have become increasingly popular recently. Although wilderness survival courses have great benefits, there are also some disadvantages.


  • Learning valuable skills: One of the most difficult aspects of getting started with survival is finding out which skills are essential for survival. There is plenty to learn from the wilderness courses that will make you stronger both physically and mentally.
  • Growing risk habits: Survival courses in the wilderness give an opportunity to get into different landscapes and test yourself fully without too much possibility of a comfort zone. If things go worse, the instructor is always there to bail you out.
  • Mixing with people: When you take admission in Alderleaf survival school, the other students are likely to have an outlook close to yours. Realizing that there are other like-minded people out, there will definitely inspire you to do the adventures.
  • Change in daily routine: This understanding will remove your apprehension, and you will realize how nature works and what it can provide. And it’s absolute freedom to learn things your way.
  • Group dynamics: According to Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Review, It’s a huge advantage of taking a course on survival. Through dealing with some annoying people in the group, you can learn a lot about how to handle group dynamics in a scenario of survival.
  • Group dynamics: Getting admitted to a survival training course will teach you critical life skills, such as mutual trust and decision making. Therefore, so many parents send their children to survival courses to develop team spirits.


  • Expensive: Survival courses in the wilderness vary from half-day experiences to month-long expeditions. Taking into account that you’re just out in the forest without much supplies or resources, the cost is pretty high.
  • Better alternatives: A successful survival course in the wilderness will teach you several skills within a short period. This intense approach is not for everyone, though, as there are many other ways of learning survival skills.
  • Too many things to learn: In a training course, you will learn a lot of survival skills, but it does not guarantee you can know any of them fully! Many courses include so many aspects that you don’t get enough time to perfect and even get basic skill mastery.

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Online Course

How to purchase Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Online Course?

Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Online Course will provide you with the following materials:

  • Nine handouts (nearly 100 pages)
  • Seven training modules with more than twelve video lessons
  • Lessons on survival ideas, natural shelter, fire friction, water purification, survival kits, wild edible plants, navigation, and so on
  • Certification on completion of the course

For buying the course, you need to apply online by filling up the prescribed form, mentioning Coupon code, Email address, and debit/credit card no. and once you pay $197 USD, you can find your order queued up for door delivery.


At the end of Essential Wilderness Survival Skills review, I find Essential Wilderness Survival Skills Course a very good introductory course for those interested in learning survival skills in the wilderness, and also offer tools outside this class for further research. The instructors are clearly competent and have considerable experience in the skills discussed. It includes lessons that include simple introduction kits, fire, shelter, water, precious plants, food, navigation, and sustainability.

It offers a clear overview of the skills required to survive a couple of unforeseen nights in the forest and is especially relevant to anyone spending outdoor leisure time like hunters, hikers, campers, and so on.

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