Welcome to DIY Smart Saw Review. It often happens that we go to a market place or a posh mall, and we just fall in love with a beautiful piece of furniture but thinking about the expense we come back home without them. It is at this moment, that we wish that if we had known the art of woodworking, we no longer would have to spend so much money and still have a beautifully decorated home.

DIY Smart Saw Review – Does This Video Help You To Make Best Designs For Your Products?

However, woodworking is not a child’s play. It requires one to be immensely focussed, determined and creative. No matter how advanced you are or how much you have practiced, but mistakes are something cannot be just ruled out. While working with a piece of wood, no matter whether you mess up just one cut or apply too much force somewhere, you will only end up with a useless piece of wood rather than your dream piece of furniture. However, with the DIY smart saw program, you wouldn’t have to worry about these mistakes.

Want to know more about it? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place because in this DIY Smart Saw review we have covered almost everything about this program, in order to help you erase any doubt and make a wise decision of whether it is suitable for you or not.

diy smart saw review

Product Title DIY Smart Saw
Language English
Author Alex Grayson
Category Home Improvement
Price $39
Official Website Click Here

About DIY Smart Saw eBook

If you are wondering what exactly is a DIY smart saw, then it is a downloadable eBook that will provide you detailed information as well as step by step instructions on how to build your own Computer Numerical Control machine (CNC) or a smart saw for woodwork. This machine will enable you to come up with the best creative designs and thus create beautiful woodwork pieces. However, it is in this construction and assembling of parts that the DIY smart saw plans comes for your rescue. Let’s discuss more in this DIY smart saw review.

With this DIY smart saw guide, all of this process of putting things together and considering the numbers, become a lot easier as the guide will hold your hand throughout the process. The book comes along with several self – explanatory pictures and videos. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or doing something wrong at any step.

Why Would You Need A DIY Smart Saw?

Now, are you again wondering that why would you need the DIY Smart Saw book, then in answer to that this program will help you create unique wood crafts easily which otherwise would have been too difficult? The machine which you create with the help of this DIY Smart Saw will be faster than the human hand. Moreover, it will let you put your ideas into your hand and then produce truly unique and best designs for your products. If you love woodworking, then this DIY smart saw guide will help you convert your hobby into your career.

If you decide to opt for this DIY Smart Saw program, then you must know that you would be saving a lot of money in the future as instead of purchasing furniture and home decorations worth thousands of dollars from shops, now you can just make your own ones. The benefits of the DIY smart saw program don’t just end here.

DIY Smart Saw is the best tool that can easily predict the money you have today. Alex Grayson DIY Smart Saw has got lots of positive reviews from different customers.

After following the machine creation instructions, you can connect that machine to your computer and download the designs. The CNC machine is adaptable for all kinds of computers, so you just need a USB cable and you would be good to go. Once you are done with this, your machine will now be absolutely ready to manifest its usefulness and give you the best craft.

Advantages Of Using DIY Smart Saw Book

The best thing about the DIY smart saw pdf which makes it all the more appealing is that it comes with an easy to follow and easy to understand instruction manual which further simplifies the whole process of building the CNC machine as well as the woodcraft pieces.

It gives detailed information on how to good efficient end results. With its step by step instructions, picture aids and explanation of materials to be used, this guide will help you assemble all the parts of the machine in the right way.

If you are wondering how much money you would have to spend on the materials to create this machine, then what retails for $10,000, you will just need to spend about $500. For constructing this machine, you have to worry neither about the materials as they are readily available in any nearby store nor about the tools as you just need the simple ones like screwdrivers, hammer, tubular wrench and so on.

DIY Smart Saw will make it a lot easier for you to make home furniture and other wooden decorations, that too pretty quickly. Alex Grayson DIY Smart Saw reviews are one of the best ways to judge this program.

diy smart saw video

DIY Smart Saw Creator

Alex Grayson is the creative force behind the DIY Smart Saw program who thought of creating this innovative smart saw which is enough efficient and costs up to 20 times less. He is an engineer who has worked in the car industry for several years, but in addition to this, he has also loved woodworking. Initially, he began with woodworking as a hobby but soon he just fell in love with it. However, he soon realized that woodworking is an incredibly hard thing and requires the trial and error process.

He thought of researching and finding an easier process. Then he found about CNC machines which make woodworking easier but are way too expensive. However, he did a lot of research, used his engineering knowledge and skills to create his own DIY CNC machine and called it DIY Smart Saw. Today, DIY Smart Saw pdf is one of the most comprehensive woodworking guides in the market with the help of which he wants to share this secret with everyone.

Pros And Cons Of DIY Smart Saw PDF

If you would have gone through some other DIY smart saw reviews, then you would know that with the help of DIY Smart saw guide, you will get accurate instructions, pictures, and videos. Another major advantage is that this program is a lot cheaper. Where, a brand – new CNC machine costs over $10,000, you can create an alternative version for as little as even $500 or even less if you decide to purchase the second-hand components required for building the smart saw. Even if you are a beginner in this field but know how to hold and use the basic tools, you are suitable to use the DIY Smart Saw.

The key is to follow all the simple instructions accurately. Since the blueprint is not complicated and you even have step by step video instructions, the overall process would not be really difficult. So, once you have the DIY Smart Saw Book, you have every ingredient which you need to create a sophisticated woodcarving machine, that too for under $500. Also, since you have the benefit of great production speed, you can create a lot more designs and have smart saw carve them out for you one after another quickly.

This faster creation will allow you to create a business out of it and make money. If you are thinking that it is too good to be true and hence DIY smart saw scam would be true, then let us tell you that they even offer a refund policy. You would have a duration of 2 months to decide whether the product is suitable for you or not.

In this DIY Smart Saw review, we decided to be honest with you and hence after discussing the advantages, let us now even talk about the few disadvantages that the DIY Smart Saw program has. Though not exactly a disadvantage, but the program is only digitally available. You need to have an active internet connection as well as a computer or tablet to access the files of this program.

Next thing is that once you start the building process, then you would have to pay utmost attention to every tiny detail mentioned in the instruction manual as well. You would have to forget about everything and just focus on the books and videos so that you don’t skip over anything in order to speed up the process otherwise you might even end up with a faulty DIY smart saw which will ultimately defeat the initial purpose.

diy smart saw program

How Does DIY Smart Saw Program Work?

If you want to get the desired end results, all you have to do is just follow the instructions and steps mentioned in their detailed instruction manual. Once you collect the tools mentioned in the step by step manual, you have to follow the instructions and video to know how to assemble them to build the machine.

After building the machine, you have to connect it to your computer, upload the custom design in the machine and initiate the working process. As soon as you do this, you just have to start the process with a single push of the button and the rest will be taken care of by your wonderful CNC machine itself.

If you face any difficulties while using this program, DIY Smart Saw Review suggests, Alex Grayson is always ready to help you out.

diy smart saw system

What Does The DIY Smart Saw Include?

If you want the specific contents included in the DIY Smart Saw program, then they are listed here:

  1. Video footage and commentary of Alex guiding you every step of the way.
  2. A complete list of all the tools and parts you’ll be using.
  3. Manual filled with hints, notes, and tips in each section.
  4. How to check if the set-up was done correctly just by clicking on a button.
  5. Step-by-step notes are broken down into 4 phases.
  6. Help and Troubleshooting section: “Help and Troubleshooting” section in the manual

DIY Smart Saw Program Bonuses

In this DIY Smart Saw review, we would like to tell you that if you decide to purchase it, then other than the primary manual, you will even get to enjoy some incredible DIY smart saw bonus as well. You will be provided with ‘101 CNC Woodworking Special Video Training’.

This illustrative HD video file is a bonus program that covers every step of the program so that you can copy it exactly without any mistakes. Next, you also get a golden chance of receiving free lifetime updates too. Under this bonus, Alex will send you to update copies of his DIY Smart Saw, every time he modifies it as well as any new bonus material which he might add in future, that too at no extra cost.


The DIY Smart Saw system is a step by step guide which will make it pretty easy for you to make your own CNC machine and use it like a pro. In this guide, Grayson has mentioned all the parts which you need to first assemble for making the home-made CNC machine from scratch. He has even given an explanation on how to assemble every part in a step by step guide.

With the help of DIY smart saw video and illustrative photo tutorials, the whole process becomes a lot simple. In this program, Grayson not only teaches you basic engineering concepts but also provide you with all that information which he has learned as a professional woodworker.

The entire DIY Smart Saw system is broken down in four phases which begin with the basics and then gradually delve into advanced stages. To ensure, that you further don’t any difficulties, he has even provided a life-time customer support service via email. So, in case you have a query in the future, you can message him there and he will surely respond in a timely and detailed manner.

Moreover, you even get the 60 days, moneyback guarantee as well. In short, there is absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t want to buy this DIY smart saw guide unless you are not a true woodworking lover. So, we would like to conclude this DIY smart saw review by recommending you to try it.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of tools are required for making DIY Smart Saw?

As soon as you open your DIYSmart Saw Book, you will see a list of all the tools that you would need for creating smart saw.

The DIY Smart Saw would be compatible with which computer?

The DIY Smart Saw is compatible with almost every computer and laptop.

Is the program available in paperback version?

No, it is only available digitally.

Is there a moneyback guarantee available?

Yes, there is a 60-day refund policy offered.

Is there any additional support?

Yes, Alex provides a life long working email support to his users, where they can message him in case of any doubts.

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