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The major issue on health two generations back was the lack of nutritious food. But now so many health issues arise due to the surplus intake of food. The survey taken for obesity every year shows an increase in the number of people being obese day by day. Almost one-third of an American is obese. So many people are depressed about gaining weight. A beautiful body is what everyone wants to have, yet they don’t have supportive taste buds.

The people who tried and lost weight became lean, skinny, and at the same time became weak, due to wrong diet pattern or starving. The person is either obese or weak, all due to various weight loss pills or shakes available in the market. To lose weight, and at the same time, to have healthy skin, hair, and stamina, nutritious food with a balanced diet is necessary. Throughout many years the weight loss related products sell a lot by keeping the truth out of reach to the people.

Custom Keto Diet Review – Do You Often Make These Four Common Diet Mistakes?

There are only a few genuine weight loss methods in the market that act responsibly considering all the scientific facts, and based on the body type. The Custom Keto Diet plan claims to be considering those important factors about weight loss. This Custom Keto Diet Review has gone through the complete program to help the viewers to choose or avoid the program.

custom keto diet review

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About 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

Ketogenic Diet is a diet that suggests the people who wish to lose fat and have a toned body to increase the intake of fatty foods and reduce the intake of carbohydrates. It also equally suggests the intake of protein for muscle building. The 8-week custom keto diet plan first involves analyzing the activity level, BMI, and body type to suggest the diet. Some may be allergic to nuts or certain veggies, so the diet plan provides the list of food, and let the person choose the list of suitable food items. Once the choosing has done, the customized diet plan for 8 weeks appears as a list. Following the diet plan lets the fat shed off the body and lose weight.

On entering the official keto custom plan website, reviews your body and come up with an ideal level of nutrient intake per day. It shows you the ideal quantity of protein, fat, and carbs intake per day. Once you proceed further with the website, you get a list of food, timing, and recipes to cook and have the food. It assures a considerable weight loss within 8 weeks. An individual can keep following the diet even after crossing 8 weeks to maintain the lost weight. As the Custom Keto Diet not just focuses on weight loss, it concentrates on fat loss too. The basic idea behind the Custom Keto Diet plan is a lifestyle change that keeps you fit forever.

Lots of people fail to lose weight due to harsh dietary plans. To sustain weight maintenance, the diet plan that satisfies the taste buds helps them to be on track. One thing that the Custom Keto Diet review likes to highlight is, the cravings get reduced on following the Custom Keto Diet plan.

How the custom keto diet works?

The custom Keto Diet Plan unlike suggesting harsh break on diets, and suggesting heavy workouts, suggests a calorie deficit diet.

A Calorie Deficit Diet

The calorie intake must be lesser than the calorie you burn in a day. This formula misunderstood by many dietary plans, and it suggests only veggies or fruits so that the calorie intake will be too less. The method works, but it has its side effect by affecting your metabolism steadiness. Once you are off the dietary plan, you could have achieved some weight loss in a short period, but you cannot retain the weight loss. You will gain weight as soon as you lost it.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan review says that the Calorie deficit diet is not as harsh as others. The other plans suggest 500 to 800 calorie food intake per day, while a moderately active body requires 2300 calories to maintain the right weight. To reduce the weight, based on an individual, the Custom Keto Diet Plan suggests intaking 1800 -2000 calories which are less than the requirement, yet good enough to reduce the weight healthily and also boosts up the metabolism.

Calorie Counting

Some people follow the wrong methods to lose weight due to misconceptions. People eat junk and count calories and try to lose weight. Unfortunately, it works, as the calorie conception is less. In the long run, the cravings for the junks will never reduce, you might want to continue having junks after stopping calorie deficit program. According to custom keto diet review, choosing the right type of food helps to improve your metabolism, which is essential for maintaining weight in the long run. It also helps to rejuvenate the skin and gives a bright look.

Are All Calories Being Equal?  

People must focus on Fat loss rather than weight loss. Weight loss may not give you a good look as you expect, but the fat loss does. There are many skinny people around you carry excess fat in their body. The excess fat is dangerous, while excess weight can be due to muscle build also.

The person can aim to lose weight by replacing fat with carbs and to maintain a calorie deficit, but it is not useful at all. The carbohydrate foods make the insulin spike up in the body. The role of insulin is fat storage in the cell. Even when you exercise, the carbohydrate intake can end up suppressing the fat release from the cells. So the fat loss cannot be achieved. When you have a fatty food, the leptin signals the brain to stop storing the fat in the cells as it is available in the free form for the energy requirement. When you are active, the fat released and the storage is reduced, resulting in the fat loss.

Over-restriction Fails

People become over-ambitious about dieting and start eating only Asparagus, boiled veggies, and fruits. They keep packing healthy food wherever they go. But the will-power reduces soon and take their body weight to where it all started.

By following the consumption of macros at the prescribed level, you can achieve satiety that controls the cravings. Without suggesting a bland food that makes you feel like eating grass, Several Custom Keto Diet reviews suggest the sustainable diet plan that people love to eat like Pork ribs, grilled bacon, and eggs. The diet plan never becomes a burden to keep track of the diet.

About Custom Keto Diet Plan Creator

Rachel Roberts

The Creator of the Program is Rachael Roberts. She is a dietician who has helped more than thousands of people to attain their desired body shape and health. She has got a fantastic review from her clients. Through all the knowledge she got from her studies, she decided to help people to the next level by initiating the program called 8-week Custom Keto Diet Plan online.

Pros and Cons of Custom Keto Diet Plan

The Custom Keto Diet review has carefully listed the Pros and cons, so the readers can choose the program on understanding every niche of the program.


  • All keto custom plan reviews say that it has a yummy recipe from popular chefs.
  • It helps to attain satiety and control the cravings so that you can avoid junk eating easily.
  • The program helps to maintain or improve your metabolism.
  • Diet is easy and tasty to follow even when you cross 8 weeks to maintain your weight.
  • This program is a minimally charging online program for weight loss, with additional add on gifts worth the program.
  • The program has a refund policy for 60 days.
  • You need not do exercise to reduce weight anymore. Just being active is enough.
  • You can notice the change in your body starting from 1st week. Your energy level increases, the fat made you drowsy and tired so far starts burning and makes you comfortable with any work.
  • Every week you get the grocery list, which you can download on your mobile.
  • You need to be a super-cook to cook the food, the recipes are organized in such a way, it is easy to cook.


  • The program is available online only.
  • The program requires dedication, which applies to all weight loss programs. You don’t have any personnel trainers to follow up to check and motivate you on every step. To get in shape only dedication helps.
  • At the end of the 8th week, you might have to purchase new outfits in a reduced size.
  • When you are the one person who is reducing weight in your family, you have to spend some more time cooking and spend more on the grocery list.
  • Keto Diet is safe to reduce the weight, but following the diet years together has its adverse effect like a Kidney stone, High protein in the body, and fatty liver. It is better to follow a diet until you reach your goal and slowly increase the carbs in your food, in such a way you can maintain in the same weight.

Why you should go for a Custom Keto Eight-week Plan?

The Custom Keto 8-week plan is based on pure science called Ketosis.

The Ketosis diet is good to keep you off from the heart disease. It reduces the HDL Cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and triglycerides level in the blood. For various Neurological disorders, ketosis can help reduce the effects. It reduces the mental pressure and depression. It is possible to reverse Type 2 Diabetes by following Keto Diet.

Ketosis is a condition of the body when there are not enough carbohydrates to fuel the body, instead, it burns the fat and produces ketones, which generate energy. It is the safest method to lose weight.

The Custom Keto Diet Plan has inputs of popular dieticians, personnel trainers, and popular chefs to generate a diet schedule.

The program is customizable. If you don’t prefer pork in diet, you can replace it with beef. If you are a vegetarian, you can replace meat with cheese and cottage cheese. If you are a vegan, you can replace the meal plan with coconut and saturated oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts.

custom keto diet reviews

Reasons why Keto Diet is the ultimate solution for fat loss?

There are many reasons for body weight gain like genetics, PCOS for ladies, and depression in many cases. Ketosis is suitable for all the reasons mentioned above. Gene can play a role in weight gain. But by changing the lifestyle, you can bring in the change in your body weight.

PCOS is becoming increasing among Women, resulting in weight gain, and affects the person getting pregnant. Following the Ketogenic diet can improve overall health and reduce the symptom of PCOS also. On examining the PCOS ladies after following the Keto diet for 60 days, found improvement in hormonal balance, increased fasting insulin, and weight loss. Fatty foods provide satiety to the body and help to cure the mental stress. So, it works well in treating the depressed person.

Is Custom Keto Diet Plan a Scam?

Many Diet plans are existing in the market which says that a secret ingredient reduces weight, drinking shakes can make you fit, and pills for weight loss. Those methods have their side-effects, and it burns down the metabolism. Keto Diet is a proven method for weight loss.

Rachel Robert’s 8-Week Custom Keto Diet plan exclusively designed for weight loss. It not just explains the science and suggests the number of calorie intake per day, it facilitates the people by providing what to eat, how to cook, and one step further, it sends the required grocery list every week. This shows that the program is well organized, and facilitates the person who subscribes to the program with all the details.

Checking the detailed study and explanation made by Racheal Roberts and the efforts to organize the diet plan to facilitate the users to maximum ease, the keto diet reviews and results were amazingly turned out well. The program has a return policy as well. It gives you a full diet plan for 6 weeks, and you can apply for a refund with no reason at the end. There are so many positive facts and so many keto custom plan reviews back up the same opinion that the Keto Diet plan is not a scam.

keto custom plan reviews

Pricing of Custom Keto Diet Plan

Anywhere around the world, consulting a dietician for weight loss never has turned out free or even less cost. Every consultation would cost $100 or more. Getting a full diet plan and menu would cost more than $1000.

8-Week Keto custom Diet Plan gives the first consultation analyzing the body metrics and assigning the macros for free and keto custom plan cost just $37 only for utilizing the knowledge of various trainers, dieticians, and popular chefs.


Keto custom plan website reviews after following an 8-week custom Keto Plan shows the amazing transformation in the looks and health levels. The Custom Keto Diet Plan review analyzed every step in the Custom Keto Diet plan in the official site and found that the site is amazingly responsive, and each step is based on science.

There is no doubt, that following the program will turn with amazing results. But, the individual has to be well aware of their body who wishes to follow this diet. Consulting with the physician before following the Keto Diet Plan is the best idea because the diet plan is not suitable for the people who have kidney problems, fatty liver, pancreatitis, and diabetic patients depending on Insulin.

The Diet Plan, Recipes, and the fact being active are just enough to confirm that the Custom Keto Diet plan is not a Hoax. Various Custom Keto Diet reviews suggest this diet plan for those who wish to lose weight.


I am a mother of 6 months old baby, is it ok to follow the Custom Keto Diet plan now?

To suggest the Custom Keto Diet plan to a mother of a newborn, there is an important factor to know that is you are breastfeeding the baby or not. If you are breastfeeding, we do not suggest the Custom Keto Diet plan. You can follow once you are done with Breastfeeding.

Is the payment gateway is secure?

Yes. You will be paying the fee through SSL Secure gateway.

How do I apply for a refund?

When you place the order in Custom Keto Diet Plan site, you get a mail id from the support team. When you are not satisfied with the 8-week Custom keto diet plan, you can request a refund with or without mentioning the reason. No questions asked.

Should I start from the beginning if I can't follow the diet plan for a week?

Make sure you are eating healthy by including lots of protein and fat in the diet and if you are not able to follow the diet as mentioned in the list. Strictly avoid excess carbs or binge eating. Later you can start with the week menu assigned to you. Need not start from the beginning.

How long can I apply for a refund?

You have 60 days to apply for a refund.

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