Are you in search of Building A Chicken Coop Review? Have you considered raising chicken in your own backyard to reduce the bill on eggs and meat? If not, then this building a chicken coop review guide might just change your mind. If you have the space, you’ll see yourself saving a lot of money only by buying two chicken and the most inexpensive material needed for building your own chicken coop.

Building A Chicken Coop Review – How To Build A Chicken Coop In The Quickest Way?

Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene is a guide written by a poultry farmer who has several years of experience in his work. He says that chicken lives on really inexpensive food and give out a lot of eggs in return.

So, liking the idea of having a chicken coop? After reading several building a chicken coop reviews in this one, you’ll see that it is actually very simple to build one without any experience in the field.

building a chicken coop review

Product Title Building A Chicken Coop
Language English
Author Bill Keene
Category Home Improvement
Price $29.95 (Actual price $97)
Official Website Click Here

About Building A Chicken Coop guide

To be precise, building a chicken coop is an e-book written by Bill Keene. It is a guide that contains 7 easy chicken coop plans from which you can choose one of your choices. You don’t need any kind of carpentry or mensuration skills to build a coop, neither will you be requiring any complicated tools.

Since it is an ebook, you can download it instantly once you purchase it. The purpose of getting hold of this pdf is that you can avoid the complicated instructions given in the user manual of any chicken coop kit.

Build a chicken coop book provides you with 7 different designs for a chicken coop. They are named as bill’s coop, the all-arounder, double story chicken ark, large house, the mid-size sedan, on the go portable ark coop and premium large coop.

Benefits of Building A Chicken Coop ebook

Whether you are planning to get into poultry farming as a profession, or simply want to raise few chickens for getting eggs and meat four yourself only, you’ll benefit greatly from this chicken coop book.

This is because this book tells you how to build a chicken coop in the easiest and quickest way possible. Building A Chicken Coop Review proves that you don’t need any complicated skills, tools, or equipment. This pdf contains blueprints of all the coop designs that’ll help you go about the process.

Following are the benefits you’ll avail from the building a chicken coop ebook:

  • You’ll learn how to build a chicken coop without any complications that are easy to clean and use.
  • Any chicken coop you may build from this guide will have a capacity of keeping 50 chickens – thus, beneficial for a poultry farmer too.
  • You’ll get some expert tips for creating the floor, roof, doors, windows, nesting boxes, and perches.
  • Apart from learning how to build a chicken coop, you’ll learn how to buy & raise chicken and maintain the coop.
  • By having a coop of your own, you can now save money on eggs and meat. You even build the coop at a very reasonable rate.

How Does This Building A Chicken Coop Work?

This program works with the help of a few clicks and following instructions mentioned in the product.

According to Building A Chicken Coop Review, you need to purchase the book from the website itself, which sells it to you through ClickBank. Once you have made the payment, building a chicken coop pdf is available for download.

As you read through the guide, you need to pick the design you like for your backyard and follow the instructions to make it. build a chicken coop book even helps you avail materials needed for the coop at a cheap rate and build it efficiently with ease.

Moreover, you’ll also be guided for buying the right kind of chicken, raising them and taking eggs from them.

building a chicken coop by bill keene

Who Created Building A Chicken Coop?

Bill Keene is the author of Building a Chicken Coop ebook. He has several years of experience in the poultry industry. He has created several cost-efficient chicken coops that can accommodate at least 4 large chicken. The size of the coops he’ll guide you to create and even accommodate 50 chicken.

With great passion and love, he shares his experience to help you out. You can consider turning your little barn into a poultry farm one day if you have the space and time.

What You Will Learn with This Book?

Once you have the guide on your screen, you’ll get an A-Z guidance for raising your own chicken. Following mentioned in this Building A Chicken Coop Review are the details you’ll learn:

  • Which chicken to buy
  • Various chicken coop plans
  • Places from where you can obtain the necessary materials
  • How to build a chicken coop
  • How to raise chicken
  • Extracting eggs from chicken

building a chicken coop pdf

Pros and Cons of Building A Chicken Coop

If your lawn is lying empty, this guide is more like a blessing to you. Following are the pros of purchasing building a chicken coop book:

  • It is available at a special price currently
  • Has a complete guide for poultry farming
  • Provides you with 7 designs of chicken coops
  • Reduces the cost and effort behind building a chicken coop
  • Helps you save money on eggs by raising your own
  • Available with a 60-day money-back guarantee

This guide has been written for a special category of people – those who have a backyard or lawn where they can build a chicken coop in the first place. Thus, it has 2 cons:

  • The original price of the book is expensive
  • You cannot utilize it if there is a lack of space

Who is Building A Chicken Coop for?

From the above mentioned Building A Chicken Coop Review, you might have discovered that building a chicken coop is meant for only three kinds of people:

  1. Those who want to get into poultry farming
  2. The ones who have space behind or in front of their house to build a barn, can utilize it for personal use and spare time to maintain it
  3. Those who have chicken but need to rebuild their barn

If you have a large space but feel that you won’t get time to feed chicken, clean the barn or cure a sick bird in there, don’t go for it. making a chicken coop might be easy, so is maintaining it. However, you need to give your time to it too.

building a chicken coop reviews

Does Building A Chicken Coop Work?

Following are the real-life experiences of some customers who have used this ebook and benefitted greatly from it:

Rachana Misra, the owner of Go Green Farms: She had chickens when she bought this book. Following the guidance, she rebuilt their home and has seen how happy they are with it. She has managed to make her barn a lot cleaner and more comfortable for the chicken.

Frank Longo, a chicken farmer in Idaho: He finds this book to be the best and the ultimate guide for building a chicken coop in your backyard. The plans were worth the money and extremely efficient for a beginner.

In this section, it is not me but the above building a chicken coop reviews that say this guide truly works.

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Building A Chicken Coop Bonuses

This MRP of this book is $57. However, currently, Bill is giving it at a special price of only $29.95. If you are among his next 31 buyers, you are entitled to 5 more bonuses:

  • Bonus No. 1: A pdf of how to best position your chicken coop, which is worth $9.95 comes free of cost to you along with the build a chicken coop book. It will help you how to build a coop in a way you can prevent rotting, dampening, ammonia and CO2 accumulation, also enabling proper ventilation and getting the correct amount of light.
  • Bonus No. 2: A pdf on how to build nesting boxes with common materials. This too is a $9.95 ebook that you’ll get for free. It’ll teach you to build nesting boxes with second-hand furniture and food packages.
  • Bonus No. 3: An ebook for the best materials for the ground, worth $9.95 for free. You’ll learn to clean dirty floors, use the right material for building a clean coop, control climate and ventilation.
  • Bonus No. 4: Get a $9.95 ebook for free on the cheapest materials to build a coop that lasts long and does not rot.
  • Bonus No. 5: An entire library of organic gardening worth $80 for free.

building a chicken coop bonus


To sum up my building the chicken coop review, I would recommend this to anyone who has the space, time and passion for raising chicken in their backyard. How to build a chicken coop makes the process completely easy, starting from acquiring chicken and coop materials, building your barn and maintaining it.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the site secure?

You buy the book via ClickBank which is secured by McAfee, Norton and Secure Payments.

Do you accept payment from e-wallets?

Payments are accepted from PayPal, debit and credit cards.

Is this book suitable for existing poultry farmers?

Sure, you can learn a lot on saving your expenses and farming more efficiently, even if you’re experienced.

Is it available in all countries?

Yes, you can make the purchase in your country’s currency or USD.

How many languages are available?

The book is available in 6 languages – English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish.

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