Find out the most unbiased Build A Container Home review with me here. Container homes are homes that are made up of steel shipping containers that carry goods on trains, trucks, and ships. The smallest container home is built for around 100 square feet. To make a two-floor story house, which is approximately 1400 square feet, one needs eight large containers. Not just container homes are in trend. The container homes save money as well as look modular.

Build A Container Home Review: Build A Shipping Container Home From Scratch?

The main advantages of container homes are they can be easily transported around once the container reaches the site, and as containers can be recycled, they prove to be environmentally friendly. Though the container homes sometimes resist structural changes due to fixed shape and size, they work the best as the best pocket-friendly spaces. The Build A Container Home review is here to guide you build a beautiful and comfortable dream home using containers only.

Build A Container Home review

Book Title Build A Container Home
Language English
Author Warren Thatcher
Category Construction Guide
Price $47
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About Build A Container Home Book

As per Build A Container Home review, it can be stated that this is an e-book that contains a designed PDF. Being a comprehensive guide, Build A Container Home book guides users to build container homes from scratch and provides techniques to invest in the right things to be cost-effective. This program is a function for those who want to learn how to build container homes and design a container home.  The Build A Container Home Pdf free download helps users to tackle various things that come into play when building a container home.  As per the Build A Container Home reviews, the program includes sixty-five pages that contain in-depth information to design and build a shipping container home in a short duration.

Benefits of Building A Container Home:

  • Cost-Effective: As per the Build A Container Home review, building container homes are cost-effective as compared to buying a home in the cheapest town in the city. Being inexpensive and affordable container homes can adjust to all budgets.
  • Easy to construct: Build A Container Home PDF states that constructing a container home is easy as one has to buy or rent a container that can be placed in the desired backyard. Adding doors, windows, staircases, etc. can be easily done once the container is finalized.
  • Pest Free: Building home from a container one can be stress-free from pests as the base material of container homes is steel, which is highly resistant to bugs and pests.
  • Eco-Friendly: As per the build container home book, users should build container homes as they produce a minimum amount of carbon footprint as well as use reusable products for construction. These homes are energy efficient as they reduce energy loads and make optimum utilization of systems and appliances.
  • Ship Anywhere: Build a shipping container home and ship across land and sea anywhere worldwide. Shipping proves to be beneficial for people who choose to stay in places where construction may be complicated.

About Build A Container Home Creator

As per the Build A Container Home review, the creator of building a container home is Warren Thatcher. Mr. Warren Thatcher being a designer and home builder holds a massive amount of experience in building container homes. Being in this field for almost fourteen years now, he assures users to give the best tips to design a container home perfectly. He claims that the program will help users to Build A Container Home step by step easily. Thus, the Build A Container Home review convinces users to buy this book as it contains useful information.

Main Advantages Of Build A Container Home PDF

  • Legal requirements covered: This book not only guides on stunning designs of container homes but also gives comprehensive tips on legal requirements that are mandatory to be met when you build a container home.
  • List of Suppliers: It contains a list of suppliers who provide material to build a container home. It also provides quotations from various suppliers, which makes it easy to choose and compare suppliers.
  • Actual plans only: The build your container home step by step comprehensive guide contains actual plans only that can be implemented. The actual plans only give a clear picture to the user on what designs can be implemented.
  • Additional layouts: As per the Build A Container Home review, the container home construction book PDF provides fifteen additional layouts with measurements. The additional layouts make construction easy.

Why Build A Container Home is useful?

The Build A Container Home review proves that this book not only provides plans designs and ideas but also covers practical aspects that offer techniques to construct a container home easily.

Build A Container Home book

Pros and cons of Build A Container Home


  • Detailed Explanation: It includes detailed information for every point. The book ensures that each point is adequately explained, and the language used is also simple, which makes the book useful for all readers.
  • Clear picture: The images provided under the PDF are clear enough to know and understand the scaling.
  • Genuine sources: The build a shipping container home program contains genuine sources that are up to date, and the price details provided in the PDF are well described to make an easy comparison.
  • Industry Tips: as per the Build A Container Home review, it provides excellent insider expert tips that help users to construct a container home with extra knowledge.


  • Specific tools not mentioned: It doesn’t contain names of specific tools that are needed to complete the whole construction process.
  • Interior picture missing: The e-book doesn’t have an interior image, which makes the construction process difficult.
  • Complex Terms: The Build A Container Home review states that the program uses specific typical and complex terms that aren’t understood by all users. The language complexity makes it difficult for users to understand the step by step process.

Is Build A Container Home a scam?

Before buying the book, many users have a common doubt that is the Build A Container Home book any good? But all the user doubts are cleared by reading the Build A Container Home review as it clearly states that the program is not a scam as it is beneficial to the users. Every step is explained in detail to users, and also accurate drawings are provided; construction becomes easy. Thus, design your own container from scratch and learn all the techniques even for basic concepts.

Before starting a container home construction, there is a checklist that must be followed by all users. It includes the status of the budget, any special requirement, location of the construction project, number of people that are going to use the house, rough square footage area required for rooms and bathrooms, and develop a systematic design. According to Build A Container Home review, The bonuses provided are the perfect garden pack, ways to save money, unlimited access to eco-smart club forums, a greenhouse irrigation system, and energy-saving tips for your container home.

Build A Container Home reviews

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The build container home book should be downloaded as it is pocket-friendly for users and also provide great tips. Thus ending Build A Container Home review on a positive note, it is a must buy manual which makes the construction process easier as it contains all the crucial elements required to construct a container home. Without any second thought, It is the most comprehensive guide which provides significant benefits to all users. The various chapters of the PDF include the design process of construction, where to get shipping containers, pre-purchase inspection tips, moving the container, consolidating plan, getting to work, r-value table contents, type of electrical projects to work on, inspection and sign off and container house designs. Thus this book is going to help you design you the most perfect home container in a short duration.


  • What are container homes?

Container homes are homes, offices, or buildings that are built out of shipping containers.

  • How much do container homes cost?

The container homes are affordable, and that’s the reason they have gained a lot of popularity. The average cost of building a container home is $20,000.

  • Is insulating a shipper container necessary

Yes, it is mandatory to insulate a shipping container before constructing a home container.

  • Are container homes durable?

Yes, container homes are super durable, having a life span of about twenty-five years.

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