In this Automotive Restorers Guide review, A book with guides and advice that helps you out in most of your automobile-related issues. We all have been in a situation, once in a while, where we are driving and the car suddenly stops working. What do you do next? Call the mechanic, of course! But can you trust him? You must have heard of the theft of original parts of automobiles.

Automotive Restorers Guide Review- Save Your Money As Well As Time!!

Most of the time, it is the mechanic who smartly changes it with a fake one, without our knowledge when we are not looking. Some mechanics, especially, in times such as these, charge you far more than what is fair. But if you knew exactly where the problem lies, then the situation could have been a bit better.

That is not always possible. But it is possible for you to know whom you can trust for sure in such situations. This is what The Automotive Restorers Guide does?

automotive restorers review

The Automotive Restorers Guide ebook is almost like a directory specially designed to help you save your money as well as time. After all, time is money and money is the time! It is not always easy to find the correct person or help in time.

Book Title Automotive Restorers Guide
Benefits Helps you out in most of your automobile-related issues.
Creators Steve Barratt
Category Home Improvement
Price  $9.97
Money-back Guarantee 60 days
Official Website Click here

What is it?

The Automotive Restorers Guide ebook is almost like a directory specially designed to help you save your money as well as time. After all, time is money and money is the time! It is not always easy to find the correct person or help in time.

One often finds himself cheated straight in the face!

This guide offers you correct and reliable restoration companies’ addresses and numbers, so you do not get fooled by middlemen and agents. If you are wondering what is wrong in dealing with the middlemen, here are some of the reasons.

Firstly, not all agents have good terms with restoration companies and it might cost you a lot of money and time in getting the service of your choice. Next, they charge you a lot more, than what is required.

Also, there is no surety and guarantee of their services and quality. They might as well cheat you with duplicate parts. After all, that’s how frauds take place.

About the creator

Steve Barratt, the author of The Automotive Restorers Guide pdf, is from the UK. He himself came face to face with some of these agents and middlemen. He is an automobile enthusiast himself and collects vintage cars and rebuilds them.

Over the years, he has helped quite a lot of people get genuine parts, especially for classic or vintage cars, whose parts are generally not available. Even if someone arranges for it, they are expensive and there is always a fear of duplicate parts.

He is a proud owner of a classic Mercedes JMO 9K, which he bought in October 2003.

It was after buying this brilliant vintage car that his journey to search for genuine companies began. In his quest for building the classic car, he gained a lot of information and came across a lot of companies.

Of which some were good and provided quality work, while a few others were simply trading the work. Eventually, in 2005, after extensive research and hard work, he was finally able to set up ‘Barratts Classic Car’.

How does it work?

Upon realization that many of the restoration companies are simply middlemen, it dawned upon him to look carefully at the activities of the restoration and rebuild companies. It was in this manner he came across a few companies that advertised of being a restoration or rebuild service company, while in reality, all they did was to send the parts brought for restoration to another company and then collect the restored parts and deliver it back to the customer.

These companies would create a large bill for their customers to make profits. Also, the entire process took a lot of time. So, in order to ensure the safety of his own cars and to save time in dealing with the middlemen, the author spent his sixteen years in meetings with reliable people and companies.

Throughout the years, he was repeatedly approached by other dealers in the automobile industry and enthusiasts, for assistance and guidance. Hence, The Automotive Restorers Guide ebook was developed.

It helps one get parts repaired, rebuild, or reconditioned by trustworthy companies without being scammed financially. The guide consists of a list of companies the author found costing fairly for the services it provides and the quality of work they carried out. The list is of companies worldwide making the guide useful for everyone, from any country.

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Benefits of Automotive Restorers Guide

  • Some of the key benefits of owning The Automotive Restorers Guide pdf are that it gives authentic and genuine information.
  • The guide not only allows you to know genuine restoration service providers but also provides you with valuable and top-secret advice from experts. Now, that’s something your mechanic friend certainly would not want you to know! For example, did you know about laser welding, which can be used for repairing delicate parts that were thought to be irreparable? At times we simply listen to our local mechanic without verifying facts. This can lead to a loss.
  • The book has many facts which we would have never heard of. If you own a classic car you would surely want to know about a company that offers service for Becker and Blaupunkt radios. Do you know what the best part of having this guide is? Choices! One feels restricted or simply irritated if the only choices available to him are the same two or three people, probably trying to sell the same product. Having this guide gives you new choices.
  • It gives so many new ideas to come around the same problem. For example: If you have been pondering about changing the glass of your window since it has lost its shine? There you go; here are five companies that can do the job. Also, you can try something else instead, such as getting it anodized; it can make the glass look as good as new.

Who is this program ideal for?

The Automotive Restorers Guide 2020 is ideal for all the veterans, automobiles including cars and motorcycles restorers. It includes information for classic and custom car owners as well. Are you an automobile enthusiast? Then this guide is made for you!

So, if you are into restoration, does not matter whether you are an amateur or a professional this guide will still prove to be helpful. Looking out for old parts of the car the industry has stopped making? Hey, presto! You are in the correct place. The guide is what you needed all along.

How much does this program cost?

Want to know something that is too good to be true, but is the truth? Know the price of this wonderful and smart guide? You might be surprised to know, that even though it took the author almost sixteen years, which were mostly full of meetings and calls, the cost of the guide is £9.97 only! Moreover, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is surely a budget buy. Steve probably believes in giving people value for money. No doubt, one can call this guide ‘The Penny Saviour’.

Automotive Restorers Guide Bonuses

Have you ever heard of ‘buy one and get three free’? Because that is the offer The Automotive Restorers Guide pdf gives you. In the cost of providing you with companies, you can get restoration for your automobiles from, it also gives you advice, facts, and in-depth knowledge of a few processes.

This guide offers a lot more than you expect. Along with all the information provided, the author has generously written an additional informative article, which can be found at the end of the guide. It explains how fitting of electronic ignition system can be done with the help of the companies listed.

It helps you remove points without requiring any drilling or modifications! Steve says he wrote this particular article in gratitude for those people who bought this guide and trusted him to provide the best he could. The customer service provided by this company is excellent and does not deter from giving great suggestions and advice if required, without charging you!

How can you get hands-on it?

The Automotive Restorers Guide is available only in the form of an eBook. It can be bought from the official site. Once, the payment is done through CLICKBANK, the buyer receives an email with the download link. You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on this offer.

If someone wishes to buy a paperback, then the cost of the guide becomes £11.47 + Shipping Charges. The paperback version has a 30-day money-back guarantee. One can also order with the customer support available on the same site.


Automotive Restorers Guide ebook has benefitted a lot of people. It is a smart buy. People with no or less knowledge about automobiles can give this guide a try. If you are someone who has an interest in the functioning and mechanics of the car and could not pursue mechanical engineering, then this is surely a book of your interest.

It is a guide that has been written passionately, which is reflected positively through the amount of effort the author took in making it. Steve Barratt has tried to give as much as possible through it.

Overall, Automotive Restorers Guide is just perfect to help you ride through your problems efficiently, moreover economically!

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